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Whenever I see Romney on our news I just think he seems so false and slippery.

If he becomes the candidate I don't think he has a cat-in-hells chance of winning.

I'm not an expert in US politics but I feel this very strongly for some reason. I do hope there is a good alternative as we need a Republican back in the White House!

J. Baldwin

Now more than ever, the people need to select a leader who can turn this country around, economically speaking. Romney's position on cutting government programs has been proven effective in cutting deficit in his home state. His business background and government experience qualify him to be a more effective leader than the man currently in office. I choose to vote on economic issues over social issues.

China Outsourcing

I glean that the rake, Rakesh, is the father and the Chinese woman behind the counter speaking broken English in a half Creole-half Chinese lilt is the mother. An Afro-Guyanese man comes in with box of children’s clothes

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