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jason gould

vice pres again in a deal with perry


Nut Job - simple as!

Yet Another Anon

I think she will win the Presidential nomination and that there will be a reverse of the Republican ticket last time with John McCain being persuaded to run for Vice President and that just as John McCain saw her as being key to delivering Conservative votes, so Sarah Palin will see him as key to delivering the votes of Liberal and other mainstream Republicans and Conservative Democrats who they need to turf out Barack Obama (assuming that he wins the nomination, and if things don't change it is possible that as happened with LBJ, he could face humiliation) and whoever is to run as Democrat VP nominee (Joe Biden standing down).

Otherwise I think there is a strong possibility that if Ron Paul stood down (after all he is actually older than John McCain) as a candidate then Rand Paul could be a frontrunner for the nomination, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry are among the other frontrunners. People such as Rudi Guiliani at the moment probably are only in with the chance of being offered the VP nomination to balance a ticket.

Sarah Palin now is possibly actually a Unity candidate, not so overtly Tea Party as a number of the remaining alternative candidates.

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