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Adam P

Pawlenty was the only conservative who could beat Romney in the primary. Pawlenty also doesn't make gaffes like Bachmann. The idiotic tea party fools have just assured Romney the nomination by supporting Bachmann in the straw poll. Next time check out people's actual records and don't get hypnotized by speeches like the democrats.


It is tough to lose to Randy Travis. As a Paul voter, we understand. We welcome former Pawlenty voters to our big tent.


To Adam P and anyone else who calls the Tea Party idiots...know this Pawlenty was the worst sort of Juan McShamesty RINO. He was for: Cap and Tax, Amnesty, shared goverance of the US under UN control (Agenda 21), big government, higher taxes, TARP, Obamacare, and the list of betrayals go on and on...How would anyone in their right minds support a shilling buffoon like Tim Pawlenty, good riddance to the loser. I've been sick of hearing from all the RINO elites for the last 3 years how Pawlenty is some sort of "perfect" candidate and it's digusting RINO's like him that have made me STOP giving a cent to the RNC, GOP in anyway. Nope I give to actual Tea Party conservatives and I and my brothers and siser in the Tea Party are gutting slash and burn fashion RINO's out of the party. They can step out of the way or we will eargerly fire them...



Ron Paul hardly qualifies as 'rational, established, credible, strong.'


We don't need another panty-waist running for prez!


At every opportunity Pawlenty has shown himself to be either classless (Romney's lawn) or weak (Romneycare).

The reason Pawlenty is out is he was being Pawlenty. He has acted like an ass ever since he started running--probably before, but none of us were paying attention.

Ricardo's Ghost

Alas, Pawlenty fell in to the Romney trap.

He tried to run as a conservative, when the compelling reason to actually support him is he's a moderate who managed to win over a typically Democratic state (Minnesota).


@Xasteius Ron Paul's rationale is based in the constitution, he's established himself in Washington for over 30 years, his credibility stems from his positions on congressional committees and his strength is seen in his unwavering positions. You are wrong.

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