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Its called the america dream because you have to be asleep to enjoy it. This is madness...


I came to the USA from an African country that has 'small' government, little or no social safety nets, poorly funded public education with equally poor quality of education and where the rich get richer, there is a small or no middle class, and the majority of the population is poor. Afghanistan also has a 'small' government which cannot reach out into the rural areas. The majority of the population is poor, and there is a small percentage that is very wealthy who evade paying taxes.

So, the profits made in the country are not ploughed back into the development of the country making it a sad state of affairs. Needless to say, we see the results.

Is the Unites of America headed that way - the way of Afghanistan and the African countries with 'small' government?

To run a government, just like a business, it is imperative to have a healthy income. And, healthy income comes from the healthy profits of the strong companies that make profits within the country & from the people of the country.

Is it true that 2% of the USA population controls 90% of the USA wealth? And I am sad to say that my senator and my House representative refuse to tax this 2% to maintain the quality of education and other essential services of this country that is now my home !!

Any government official who refuses to tax the billion dollar profits obviously does not care about the welfare of the country and MUST have a personal agenda. I am truly saddened to see this in the great United States of America.

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