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Matthew Reynolds

It is a tricky one this as the GOP run the House but not the Senate or the Presidency.So they will not get all they want.One has to deal with the branches of government as they are occupied not how we wish they where occupied.If they can tag a Balanced Budget Amendment onto the Reid Bill then one hopes that should do the trick.The Democrats would get their Bill and a debt celling hike and the GOP a Balanced Budget Amendment plus no tax rises.Harry Reid is smart enough to grasp the fact that Democrats running for re-election in traditionally Republican areas would lose if they voted for higher taxes.

As Newt Gingrich foresaw after the mid-terms last year public opinion might pressure Senate Democrats facing tough races in 2012 to vote wisely on issues such as this.The stakes are high not just for the USA but for the global economy as well.Both will deal as they cannot afford to fight the 2012 elections being blamed by the American people.Or that is my hope.

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