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Matthew Reynolds

I really love this guy ! He is sincere about common-sense solutions and has business experience to boot.Mr Cain knows about the economy and that is what the election will be about.

Also in my view some sort of link-up between Herman Cain & Congresswoman Bachmann would be best.They could reach out by stressing the need for economic liberalism to win the centre as the American people want pro-growth policies & to see the deficit wiped out.But they need social conservatives to vote GOP as well as there is a rising tide of opposition to abortion in the USA.

I also love Michelle Bachmann as she talks my kind of language on moral issues and knows the difference between right & wrong.

Romney seems like an empty vessel who regards principle as a luxury only to be turned on when he thinks the Tea Party are listening.As a person who gives a few dollars to Priests for Life now & againI regard what Herman Cain said about abortion as sincere & I know where Michelle Bachmann stands on it.

Cain & Bachmann for 2012 ! Go GOP Go !

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