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Larry Simpson

Dear Tea Party Congresspeople:

Your insane refusal to allow an increase of the U.S. dept ceiling will trigger an unparalleled financial melt-down both in this country and throughout the world economy. The crazy religious right racist nut jobs calling themselves "conservative Republicans" who somehow took over the US House of Representatives are marching the rest of us toward suicide.
The Republican right wing are out of touch with reality. Many actually deny that anything will happen to this country if we default and that anything bad that may happen will "teach them a lesson". These are the same people who do not believe in Science and deny that man-made climate change is occurring and believe that the world was created six thousands years ago and that evolution is a hoax. But that is not totally true since they do believe in scientific advances in destructive weapons which they can use for wars. They have truly become "domestic terrorists", holding everyone else hostage to advance their ideology.

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