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The don't want to "acknowledge the problem" because they'd then have to admit that they caused the problem. They were warned this would happen when they invaded (and 'de baathified') Iraq.

Saddam and his Baath Party were brutal secular dictators and didn't really discriminate against moderate religion of any kind, but preaching the Saudi 'brand' of Fundamentalist Islam was punishable by death in Saddam's Iraq. Replace that regime with a democratically elected one in an area of the world like that and the results are always going to be a government with strong Islamic ideas, and Islamists being a lot more powerful then they were under a brutal dictator who'd have them put to death for supporting Jihad. Fundamental Islam treats other religions as inferior and persecutes the followers of anything other than their 'brand' of Islam.

They must have known this would happen when they invaded Iraq and called an election; they must have considered it a price worth paying - but they're not going to want to shout about that from the roof tops now are they?


Another worry stat. Just before the invasion there were 1,500,000 Christians in Iraq, in a few short years the number has fallen to 400,000. Christian leaders in Iraq are warning that if something isn't done to stop this there won't be ANY left.

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