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I cannot see the video, and am British, which may negate my comment.

But what on earth is a "Wonk" Governor? In the UK, "Wonk" would be a disparaging term, meaning policy addict, pointy head, geek, theorist.

I trust ConHomeUSA is not getting into the habit of ConHomeUK - that is, defining candidates and elected politicians by their own special secret brand of herbs spices and policies, and then either endorsing or surreptitiously condemning them on the basis of whether they agree with the editors or not.

If Tim Montgomerie on the UK site is a guide to go by, this site will endorse Sarah Palin and her allies and condemn commenters against them -with vituperation. A site which claims to represent all the conservative (or "Conservative" in the UK, or "Republican" in the USA) grassroots should not be making endorsements in this fashion.

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