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November 16, 2011


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Robert DMML

Narcissus versus Lazarus 2012?
Tuesday, 15 November, 2011 13:45
"Melanie Phillips"

"The west is now suffering from the baleful legacy of the 'Boomer generation', those born after World War Two and who turned with such nihilistic glee on the consumerist society that had nurtured them. As this article by Walter Russell Mead suggests, the Boomers created a culture of narcissism that has expressed itself on both left and right through failed or destructive economic and social policies. The resulting self-centred and debauched culture has created a vacuum into which the enemies of civilisation are steadily marching.

Like their Conservative party cousins in the UK, US Republicans have failed to grasp that the task for conservatives today is as stark and as urgent as it has been ever since Edmund Burke articulated it in the face of the French revolutionary terror: to defend life and liberty in the free world against its enemies both within and without.
Faced with the apparently overwhelming power of the left-wing media and intelligentsia, weaponised through their Orwellian hijacking of the language of the centre ground and their career-ending bullying and intimidation of all who dare to disagree, many conservatives have succumbed to the cultural mind-bending without even realising they have been in effect captured by the enemy. (Imho that would include Cameron – my brackets)

The reason why Newt Gingrich is striking such a chord is principally because he does realise all this very well, and so delivers a very clear message and the hope of a return to reality. He gives expression, in other words, to an authentic conservative voice. Gingrich is very smart, a serious thinker and a good communicator. He is also extremely tough and resilient. He is without doubt a Big Beast in the political jungle -- beside whom Mitt Romney, his chief rival, seems a diminished figure.
There is still much to play for and maybe Gingrich will fall by the wayside yet again. Without doubt, he has his flaws. He is a loose cannon, a polariser rather than a healer, and with a dubious ethical record. But in a poor field it is possible that Gingrich's strengths will bring him out on top”. Read it all.

Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that Mel Philips is criticising all “ Boomers” note she refers to those “who turned with such nihilistic glee on the consumerist society that had nurtured them. Imho that would include the lefties at the BBC, the Poltical Correct, the Greens, the Great and the Good Liberals and liberals, lefty judicial activists and the EU


"he is the only Republican of the past 40 years other than Ronald Reagan to successfully deliver on his promises."

Tell that to his ex-wives.

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