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October 27, 2011


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Ryan has been on a roll- i am particularly impressed by his thoughtful concerns about the effects of Euro-socialism on the people's moral nature (the hammock vs safety net analogy) & his ability to engage Catholic social teaching (and its misuse by partisans of the left). After listening to Pelosi & Biden massacre the theology of their (supposed) church it is great to hear a politician who is seriously thinking about the intersection of politics, morality & faith. He is growing to important for the House, but no matter what he does we need him to continue to articulate the conservative position on such issues- he is the most civil & serious man in politics today.

Amy Fox

Watching Paul Ryan eloquently tear down liberal politics is a rare treat. We must keep him around-at all costs to the Republicans-and to the absolute detriment of the Democrat party.

Valerie Van Eaton

I am despondent that most, if not all, of the Republican candidates, are not endorsing and repeating Ryan's solutions. Ryan's ideas can lead us to victory, but our candidates don't appear to be paying attention to him.


The media thrust their microphones before the yammering pie-holes of the parasites who've chosen to scream that society owes them a living. Paul Ryan speaks for the millions of us -- the 53% -- who have jobs. We WILL be heard.

Dave Wallerius

Run Paul! Run!

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