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September 28, 2011


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The difference is that nerds, fat kids, wimps, and other unpopular kids get to go home to families that love them and support them unconditionally. Young teenagers who are experiencing same-sex attraction often go home to parents who tell them that gay people are disgusting perverts who are all going to hell. They might go to church and hear the same thing, and go to their friends' houses and hear the same thing. They have no support system, and that is why their suicide rate is so much higher than other bullied kids.


Lady Gaga has sort of an umbrella-policy of fighting and speaking up for all of the "freaks," anyone that feels different from others and is picked on or treated different. And that would include Christians as well if they were being bullied because of their faith.

But if that Christian is making public remarks about another individuals sexuality in a negative way, and that person or others fight back... it's not really the same. It's sort of like wanting to sympathize with a rapist when the person that's being raped fights back.

Bullying shouldn't be tolerated for anyone. And the same for violence.

The Christian should be able to hold onto their beliefs and not be bullied because of them, but since there are many religions, and those that are fine with homosexuality, they should keep their beliefs to themselves if they conflict with another persons lifestyle.


No, a Christian should NOT have to keep their beliefs to themselves. By that logic, homosexuals would have to keep their beliefs to themselves because their beliefs conflict with my lifestyle.

Furthermore, it is NOT true that all non-gay bullied kids have loving homes to go to. Many of them have equally lousy situations at home, and school bullying only exacerbates that. You don't know the home situation of every single bullied kid, so it's BS to automatically assume that these kids all have loving homes to go to.

John is absolutely correct, of course. This whole gay teen suicide thing is just a part of the overall homosexual agenda that's been going on for the past forty years now. Read "After the Ball" by Marshall Kirk. We're in the end stages of their plan now.

Both of the comments above show how liberals run entirely on emotion and not logic.

Furthermore, the homosexual activists are all hypocrites. You call it "fighting back" but you are often just as intolerant and evil as the Christians you accuse of being intolerant and evil.

I will never, ever stop speaking out against the ridiculousness of homosexuality - particularly the homosexual acts, of which I find disgusting. Loving someone is one thing - performing disgusting sex acts with that person is something quite different. THAT is what I personally object to. Go ahead and do it in the privacy of your home - fine with me, as long as I don't have to see it, but don't expect me to like it and don't expect me to keep quiet about it either.

Furthermore, these sex acts I speak of should not be taught in our schools, and if someone claims to be gay, it's a safe bet they're performing these sex acts with others. Don't tell me it's about "love" because it's not.

At the end of the day, all this homosexual activism - with the professional victimhood people like the posters above keep throwing around in order to demonize what Marshall Kirk called the "victimizers" - is designed to destroy the family unit and by extension, our morals. Once those are destroyed, guess what moves in? Communism. That's where this all leads to.



You are obviously not going to change your ideas about homosexuality. It's what you've been taught based on your faith and life teachers and it is what it is. And the homosexual, if raised to love whom they are will not, and should not, change their own self love based on someone else's religious beliefs or ideologies.

I am not advocating the Christian to keep their faith to themselves... quite the contrary, but to keep their "Christian" anti-gay thoughts to themselves. Just, as you claim above, that the homosexual should keep any anti-Christian thoughts to themselves. But they should also be able to be "out" as who they are without fear of ridicule.

Again, it's completely obvious that you are homophobic and that is fine. I respect that opinion and will not try to argue with you on that. But I am advocating a sense of mutual respect for ALL. America is not a theocracy, and therefore neither of us should be told we have to think one way or another... but we do have to respect each other and our differences.

Given the end of your comment though, it seems that you are taking a "my way or the highway" stance and will only be happy if your beliefs are held up as the norm and what EVERYONE should follow. This is in fact the essence of the problem.

And honestly doesn't seem very Christian to me.

Margot Roth Spiegelman

as a Christian, my faith calls me to speak about that which I believe, just as every other religion. Homosexuality is no exception; lgbtq's obviously wish to tell others about their beliefs. That's basically what any conversation is: an exchange of beliefs. I realise not everyone agrees with my beliefs, and I am certainly under no obligation to agree with anyone elses', but the problem comes when someone tells me their beliefs, but claims my response is only shoving my religion down their throats. Honestly, I don't care if someone is gay. What you do in your spare time is between you and God, not you, me, and God. That's just my personal set of beliefs. What I'm tired of is being told that being a Christian means that I immediately hate gays. Why can't I tell someone for myself what I believe, instead of being thrown under a stereotype set by others? My God calls me to love everyone, and that includes lbgtq's, Hitler, the mean lady down the street who gives me constant dirty looks, the people in school who constantly tell me what I believe is a lie, and the people in my government who tell me I must remain silent in my beliefs and listen to my God get defamed.
You say we should respect each other, and I respect that, so long as I can say I don't agree with homosexuality, (even though I think I'm bisexual. How ironic), and as long as you can say that you do agree with it.
But don't say that we should respect each other when you have no intention of respecting anyone with beliefs different than your own.
I hate that anyone gets bullied, and I've stood up for people whose beliefs I didn't hold myself because I know the worst thing for a kid to go through is to be hurt.
I also believe that Americans in general have become really quite sensitive to everything, as everything now has to be politically correct (unless you're defaming Christianity, of course; because we all know Christianity is soooo evil).
You preach tolerance for everyone, yet only practice tolerance of beliefs similar to your own, and that, my friend, is quite...well...intolerant.

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