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September 29, 2011


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Ricardo's Ghost


The argument is that if the US cuts spending back to $2.17tr now (something no-one has an idea how or appetite to do), then Cain's plan will provide enough money to pay for it all in about 5 years time if growth runs at a very high 4.5% a year, every year, from now on.


Ricardo's Ghost -

Surely the point (as any plan is when campaigning) is to clearly define and distinguish a candidate. The public's recognition / knowledge of Cain during the primary campaign to-date has increased dramatically as a result of this plan (however unaffordable / unlikely it is to be made law).

It also helps to frame the debate: if Cain's plan forces Romney, Perry et al to respond, all of a sudden Cain is setting the terms of the debate and builds momentum because the discussion has switched to one of the things the public knows about him - that he has a plan on tax which is easily understood.

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