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August 19, 2011


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Pauline Meaut

Yes !!! Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio would be a winning team. We must have change and give honor back to this country.

Rick Crimone

I guess it doesn't matter that he voted for the (unfunded) Medicare Part D, or to increase the home loan guarantees that put the nation and taxpayer at increased risk, or to deficit spend for 2 wars, or for big government policies such as No Child Left Behind, or for the bailouts and economic stimulus programs. All of these expenditures were financed with deficit spending that ballooned the national debt to nearly $11 trillion, so I guess you all believe that he's "seen the light" now. Which Paul Ryan would we get? Actually, on reflection, maybe you should keep pushing for him to enter the race - I think Obama and the democrats would relish the opportunity to force him to defend his bloated deficit-spending voting record.

Rick in Rapid City


I really like Mr Ryan. He could be a great vice-president candidate. Right now he has no greater executive experience than Mr Obama had when he was elected. We do not need anymore "on the job training candidates". The point has been proven most decidedly that the President of the United States needs executive experience. Let's not set this good man up for failure.

Joan, Missouri

Dear Mr. Ryan,
When yours is the one voice rising out of the din offering direction, a solution and dare I say, hope, I believe there is a reason. All is in God's time, and he has given you that voice. Both He and you have a plan that needs be embraced... the time is now, the need is now, and the future is at stake.


It is a given that whomever the Republicans nominate for president will be under attack by the MSM from day one - day one, of course, being the day on which he/she announces his/her candidacy. It is also a given that they believe that we - the gum-chewing public - are too dumb to figure this out.
The nature of the attacks will range from erudite (I love that word, I don't really know what it means - But it sounds good!) from maybe 'Meet The Press' to the absurd - we can count on MSNBC to fully explore that avenue. (Speaking for myself, I would LOVE to hear Al Sharpton expound on that subject - his opening remarks the night of the 1st Wisconsin recall elections were NOT to be missed and I just know he can rise to the occasion yet again.)

Even though he looks about as old as a sophomore in college, Ryan is the real deal - he is smart, he doesn't get flustered easily, the fact that people in Wisconsin like him speaks well of him, he is likable, he already has the name recognition - he has a lot going for him and I think he would make a fine president.

Stephen Della Penna, Conshohocken PA

I was at a wedding this past weekend in Massachusetts. Sitting at a table with a bunch of great friends, all Massachusetts liberals. I am the only conservative of the group, and they like picking my brain/razzing me about the state of ideas in our movement. I went through my list of potential candidates, and the only one that was met with, "I could accept him" was Congressman Ryan. Congressman Ryan has competence, a legitimate and clear vision, and more crossover appeal than first meets the eye. Please run Congressman Ryan


Everyone here makes fantastic points. But the one that makes me smile the most is the rumor running through the blogosphere - that Obama and his staff are truly afraid of Ryan and their inability to match him point for point on issues. I'm starting to warm up to the idea of his running by the day for that reason alone.


I am an Independent and I would vote for Paul Ryan in a minute. We have not seen this kind of brass tracks work ethic this man has and the ability to articulate his ideas in such a dynamic way. The fact that he has not made becoming President his life's goal is another reason to vote for him. Ryan cares more about issues than politics. (and seriously, he is the cutest one in the race!) My only concern is - what about Afghanistan? We're spending billions there!


Even if Ryan decides not to run in 2012, there is always 2016. Right now, I think that most voters would choose anyone other than the present failed administration. Plus, he might look 30 by then. In all seriousness, we need this man running things even if it's just acting as an advisor to the President in 2012. Take Paul Ryan seriously. This guy means business.


Two issues: First, how does Ryan stack up against the current GOP field? In my opinion, he would definitely be, by far, the best GOP candidate. Second, could he be a successful president? This issue carries a lot of baggage. Success for the country certainly requires budgetary expertise. However,an effective energy policy is at least as critical to national survival and national wealth, to the creation of jobs and a thriving economy, as budgetary matters. Tax policy has a major role. Reigning in the EPA, and dramatically cutting the reems of ridiculous federal regulations in all sectors of our economy is, likewise, critical to our nations economic success. A strong and well reasoned approach to national security will be needed. The fact that Obama has made our government look weak, foolish and untrustworthy has resulted in no critical issues of great moment yet, but this could well change overnight. Paul Ryan will need to develope a very strong, trustworthy administration, on every front and in every respect, in order to succeed as a president. Obama has been a complete, abject failure, so the bar is low. Just the same, Obama's effectiveness at destroying our country has been unparalleled in history. Simply being a better president than Obama, will in no way get the job done.

Anne T. Finnegan

2016 may be too late Sir! If the Republicans win this round, 2012, and it seems they will if the person elected does a poor job, 2016 will find the Democrats in power again. What a dismal outlook. Don't do this to me, Sir. I am 92 soon to be 93, give me victory is this my final quarter!@ anne, San Diego

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