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August 18, 2011


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It is a most unfortunate feeling to know that most Americans have NO clue at all, regarding current affairs. That being said, I'm afraid (very afraid!) that a majority will NOT vote for the needed change in Washington, in this coming presidential election. Afterall, I never would have imagined a "community organizer" with about as much political experience as a stone, could ever get elected to the highest office in the nation.
We need someone like Mr. Ryan to straighten this country out.

Kathleen ONeil

Dear Congressman Ryan. Reluctant leaders are our best leaders. I can only promise you that there will be a ground swell of people who will support you and your family. We will call advertisers and tv stations in protest if the media tries to hurt your family. We have power to help if you have the courage to run. Please serve for all of our children.

With great respect
Kathleen, Ma


I truly hope that Mr. Ryan runs for president. When I hear him speak it inspires and gives me confidence, I do not get that type of feeling with any of the other candidates. Unlike his opponents both primary and presidential he has shown us his plan (s); his "Roadmap" and the balanced budget amendment. We know what he wants to do and how he plans to accomplish it. Please, please run, I truly feel that the election of 2012 will be a defining moment on the next 200 + years of this country. With out a change the ability of my children and grandchildren to chase the American Dream will be altered or maybe even lost forever.

Dave- Imperial, MO


Everyday our men and women in uniform are on the front lines battling our freedom for this country.

We are at war here at home too. For those who would prefer the comforts of a "personal" life as oppose to serving public office as a President, please reconsider. Our men and women in the military would much rather prefer to be in a warm cozy bed at home then in the deserts of the Middle East.

We need a leader who can not only beat Obama but it has to be a landslide.

If Obama wins, this country is on track to go down very fast.

Please! we need someone who is willing to sacrifice their life for this country to stop Obama.

When considering, remember those at war and how they have sacrificed their lives for the good of the country. We need that same spirit for the Republican nominee.

God Bless American!

Run, Paul Run!

Hank Bass

There have been times in history where the right person with the right ideas and philosophies and at the right time has emerged to lead....that time is now. Paul Ryan is and should be our obvious choice to help lead our country out of this mess.

Paul, if you're listening, we are in dire straits, WE NEED YOU, IT'S YOUR TIME IN HISTORY!

Rantly McTirade

Ryan is a Republican Obozo-a paper-credentialed Poindexter who's accomplished nothing of real substance and, like all Republicrats, refuses to demand massive reductions in Empire spending-the only measure of seriousness in getting spending under control.
But what else can be expected at a place that features Drunk 'n AWOL Bush, the worst President in America's history, at the top of its' page.

Paul Anthony

Like Abraham Lincoln, I believe that the times may have found the right man to run for President in Paul Ryan. He is articulate, courageous, and not a political hack. Conservatism now does not need an attack dog but a thoughtful, firm, exponent of what our national government should be going forward

Steve Silver

Paul Ryan is the man for the job a honest, reluctant leader who has the best interest of this country at heart.

Fernandina Beach, FL

Deborah Bucknam

America has been fortunate in that, more often than not, a man comes forward who matches the challenges of the day. Paul Ryan is today's man. I hope he runs and wins the nomination, so we are able to watch the delicious debates between Ryan and Obama.


Paul Ryan is all that many of these commentators have said. He is the right person, at the right time. Destiny is calling. While I understand his reluctance based on his young family and his young political career, I do hope that he can see his way clear to run for POTUS for the common good. He is w/o a doubt best suited by his courage, his firmness of convictions, his ethics, his articulate yet respectful attitude, his graciousness under fire, his obvious humility, and his openness and sincerity, his truthfulness, his genuine love and loyalty for his his family, his nation, and his God. I can't conceive of anyone more suited than Paul Ryan for President of the United States who is truly a servant of this nation as a Congressman and will easily translate into a President who serves this nation w/all his abilities and common sense. He gets my vote.

Joyce Kooymans

Congressman Ryan,
We Americans are ready to stand with you to change the direction of this country. We are on the road to become a socialistic welfare state. 2012 will be critical for the future of our freedom. To critics who say your plan will destroy Medicare I say give Americans more credit than that. We understand the serious condition of entitlements. You are the only person in Washington with a plan to SAVE Medicare by transforming it to make it solvent. Please run for President so that your children and my grandchildren will prosper in the land of opportunity and in the America we love. You have my support and any help I can give. Joyce Belleair FL


Paul Ryan is an intelligent and excellent Congressman, but compared to Perry and Romney he has the same problem Michelle Bachmann has – lack of executive experience. Mike Pence understood this weakness that's why he is running for Governor of Indiana.

Ryan’s unwillingness to run for the Senate so he could write a DOA budget and his playing Hamlet on a White House run leads one to wonder does he have the fire in his belly and steel in his spine to make the run in a year when Obama and Democrats are going to be mean, dirty and bullying.

This will be a year of sound bites and his nice guy reasonableness and need to carefully explain his Medicare reform plan could make him look wonkish.

As for the Medicare reform plan it is toxic and easily demagogued in a national election. Because it is his plan and he’s laser focused on it so don’t expect him to deal with other important issues. Thus, he’ll come off like a one trick pony who isn’t ready for the White House.

This is not Ryan’s year.


I am asking Paul Ryan to prayerfully consider a presidential run because we desperately need someone to voice the conservative position. I've seen the congressman speak. He is clear, knowledgeable, and articulate. His speech is not riddled with talking points or packaged cliches. He deftly deals with criticisms without resorting to mudslinging. His confidence is not burdened with hubris and it gives a sense of steady re-assurance to his listeners.

Entering the race does not guarantee he will win, but it will help the debate and the broader cause of conservatism.

Ryan's grounded skill for solving and planning is in direct contrast to our president's practice of making promises that have no plans to bring them to fruition.

Mr. Ryan, as a resident of Washington State, we are left with the presidential choices that are made in Iowa and New Hampshire and Florida. Give us some encouragement that we might actually have a voice in the selection process. Run.

Laura Fugere

Please, Mr. Ryan. Please run. We need you to steer this country in the right direction. Right now, it sure looks like not one of the GOP 2012 candidates will beat Obama. Please, we need you. Please reconsider, and run. We simply cannot have 4 more years of Obama, and it sure looks like it will happen. Please, Mr. Ryan. Please run.

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