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August 18, 2011


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Jeff Carmichael

Congressman Ryan,

I have emailed you a before, expressing my views, and have heartily voiced my position regarding your candidacy to many people I know. Let me just reiterate my words here; for the sake of your countrymen, run! You are the only elected official who is willing to lay it all on the line and risk your political future for what you believe in. We the people respect and admire your resolve.

Run against Obama. Debate him at every chance, show his remaining supporters he has led us down the wrong path!

We all have our time to shine, Paul; this time is yours.

Tim Carruthers

I am busy at work (one of those pesky private-sector types Obama so disdains), so I will keep this short:

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Run, Rep. Ryan. Run.

I don't like Perry (his open-borders and pro-amnesty stance will doom the country); I have doubts about Bachmann's ability to win a general election; and I'm pretty much for Romney by default.

Paul Ryan is the person whose entry into the race I have hoped for for over a year, and whose entry would be the best thing I can think of for the country.

Do it for America, Rep. Ryan. Even if you don't get the nomination, you will have influenced the debate, pushed the other GOP hopefuls in the right direction, and then you can return to your great work in the House.

David Carvin

Congressman Ryan, you have my vote. Our country needs to change direction. Your civil and respectful, principled tone is a winning approach that stands out against the disdainful, combative one-upsmanship of the ideologues, who divide rather than convince.

Let division be the progressive attribute. Our country needs to be reminded of its basic decency.

Faceless Bureaucrat

Why not have the best of both worlds - Perry/Paul as a 'Dream Ticket'...

Barbara Moeller

Dear Rep. Ryan,

I know it's a daunting prospect going up against a great intellect and The World's Greatest Orator, against someone who has graduated from Columbia and Harvard, who can produce seven states out of thin air and create or save millions of jobs at a stroke. The folks who vote are too dull-witted to realize how privileged they are to be ruled by the crème de la crème of Punahoe, and will drag their knuckles to the voting booth on election day to cast one for the Wonk from Wisconsin. The sorry, bitter-clinging swine who trample the Marxy-Keynesy hopey-changey pearls of economic wisdom ("at some point, you've made enough money") cast by The One prefer the pedestrian math facts of the real world Ryan.

Rep. Ryan: your country is calling.

Donna J. Martens

The true 'Dream Ticket' would be Ryan/Rubio! Here are two great patriots with a fierce love of this great nation. Read everything you can get your hands on about them, and LISTEN to what they say! How desperately we need their real leadership to lead us out of this progressive mess we're in. Rubio would be a tremendous asset to President Ryan. Ryan/Rubio in 2012, and Rubio/? in 2016. Be still, my conservative heart!


Not only does Paul Ryan know what needs to be done with our welfare/economic state of affairs, he has the guts to say it- and say it in plain English. We need his leadership to accomplish it! If only we could clone him in the House & Senate.
Please run, Congressman Ryan!
Peoria AZ


Paul Ryan is brilliant, courageous, moral, & persuasive. Before Republicans took the House, before Obamacare was passed, he publically debated Obama,knocking him off-message & exposing his weakness. He led on the GOP budget & medicare plan. In every debate he will dominate Obama with logic, facts, & grace. He will govern well because he is clearly leading us already. He is the one we are waiting for.

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