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August 23, 2011


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Matthew Reynolds

Well so far so good.One set of polls in August 2011 does not for certain tell us the result of an election in November 2012.Any number of economic and/or foreign policy factors may come into play over the next 14 or so months.But it does say Obama ain't as invincible as some thought or hoped.

Dawn Carpenter

What I find encouraging about this Gallop poll is that the electorate is willing to look at each of the four frontrunners, suggesting that they are turning toward the Republicans generically rather than a charismatic individual. That bodes well for Republican control of Congress.

Particularly gratifying is the support for the Tea Party Candidate.

Dawn Carpenter

Matthew and I are both posting from Britain. I've yet to see a comment on this site from anyone I did not recognise as a British poster from ConHome UK.

I would like to suggest, therefore, that you open a single thread below the main NewsLinks, as ConHome UK does, so that a dialogue can be encouraged, at least amongst us Brits, and perhaps then Yanks would be encouraged to join in, if only to declare that we had no idea what we were talking about.

If you look back at the origins of ConHome UK, you will see that it started out as a blog with a single article and a single comment thread. I'm not suggesting that you recreate that, just that it does seem as if the comments should be consolidated into a single thread until you have some Americans posting.

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