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August 26, 2011


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Dawn Carpenter

Peggy Noonan isn't the "media" or the "elite". Whatever she does in this life, she will always be the woman who was Ronald Reagan's favorite speechwriter, the woman who wrote the phrases we remember him speaking, and we should take a moment to listen to her. Reagan was capable of deep anger and outrage, but it is his utterly heartfelt smile that we think of when we think of him.

America is an optimistic nation, and the American people want a leader who projects joy and hope.

When a cheerful man becomes indignant and angry, people take note just because they have seen a change. If he walks around in a state of high dudgeon, who will take notice when he tries to get others to share his outrage?

Peggy Noonan is giving the man sound advice. He has to know when to lighten up and speak the lamguage of hope and when to darken down and give warning.

A one-note persona will begin to irritate when he needs to inspire.

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