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August 14, 2011


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A Perry-Romney ticket could be the ideal, but a Perry-Bachmann could blow your socks off. The latter is what America needs, but the Yanks may well baulk at too much of the right medicine.


A small worry that he was once in the blue party and the campaign manager for that Climate Alchemist the Reverend Albert Gore.
But Perry does now seem to have realised that the scientific case for siginifcant anthropogenic climate change is lacking, and for that alone he should be strongly supported.



Bachmann and Paul pulled in the votes at Ames. Paul without trying too hard (invested less than Bachmann in her home turf), yet its "Perry or Romney".

Yep - they are the status quo neocon candidates alright, that the mainstream will have us choose by bamboozling folks on their teleboxes and interwebs.

Ultimately it is down to the voters, and if comment threads on the internet are anything to go by, and google trends, Paul & then Bachmann.

Perry/Romney are the globalist/corporatist/establishment choice.

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