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July 09, 2011


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William Lockhart

You've got to be kidding. Once again we throw out a true American and Constitutionalist in Ron Paul and support a pathetic excuse for a "conservative." Here's the real Rick Perry:

- He is a "former" Democrat who SUPPORTED AL GORE and was his campaign manager (!).
- He has been out in front trying to get the NAFTA Superhighway built through Texas.
- He wrote an executive order attempting to FORCE ALL TEXAS GIRLS to get the Gardasil vaccine before entering the sixth grade.
- He implemented HUGE tax increases as Texas governor.
- He DOUBLED Texas's spending and debt in office.
- He attended a 2007 Bilderberg Group conference (presumably to beg on his knees to be favored by the powers that be with high political office).

This is nothing but the one-worlders and big-government-lovers out to sabotage Ron Paul, the only true freedom-loving Republican in the bunch.

The message here: "Let's vote for Rick Perry. He says he's conservative--and hey, he just had a guy executed, so, you know, he's real tough. He's not been conservative, except for in a phony way, in Texas, so let's hope he changes as President!


Rick Perry allowed imminent domain to be used to take land from farmers in order to build the trans texas corridor for the NAFTA superhighway even vetoing a bill passed by the legislature to stop construction.


** Slick RINO Ricky as President? Please. If you want a candidate who quotes the bible and constitution but keeps company with multiple young impressionable women (ala Bubba Clinton), cheats on his wife, lines the pockets of cronies, appeals to populist nonsense and has a third rate group of staff and political groupies, he is your RINO. Slick Rick is a joke and a disgrace.**

You made many allegations and spouted-off a truck-load of rhetoric, BUT, you didn't cite a single example or point to any pubilcation for proof. Must be a Liberal. Perry is the country's best hope to rebuild America.


I am all over a Perry-Rubio ticket, though Petraeus was a cool suggestion as well. I think Bachmann, as much as i love her would hurt in a general election, whereas the media can't do much to Rubio and Perry will make the media elites look foolish!


Rick Perry = RINO

Perry has done little for Texas. The office of Texas Governor is weak and has very few responsibilities (the light weight Bachmann has more responsibility...and she is probably the weakest in the current field in regards to experience).

Unlike all other states, Texas is lead by its legislature (as it should be), not at all through the Governor's office.

What Perry has managed to do is:

1. Raise Taxes billions of dollars on businesses and consumers

2. Executed health mandates against the will of the legislature and the people of Texas

3. Forced the citizens of Texas to pay for the college education of illegal immigrants

4. Engaged in the abusive use of eminent domain

5. Attempted to sell Texas roads to foreign interests

6. Pro Amnesty (in the recent campaign cycle he has taken to reversing this stance as the Tea Party has become more of a threat to him than the Hispanic caucus)

7. Engaged in wide scale cronyism by signing contracts for Texas projects to companies that give him campaign cash or for which is his former staff now work.

8. Misused the resources of Texas by having sizable security details travel with him at all times (abnormal for a governor)...even on foreign trips...all at the expense of Texas taxpayers.


Herman Cain (a man who knows how to get things accomplished) or Pawlenty (a fairly conservative governor who actually had to do a lot of work to pass conservative legislation in a left leaning state) would make much better choices than Rick Perry.

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