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July 09, 2011


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Rick Perry, not Sarah Palin, is as close as we may ever get to the second coming of Ronald Reagan in our lifetime. Like Reagan he started political life as a Democrat. Like Reagan he saw the party move progressively to the left, marginalizing conservative Democrats. Like Reagan he served as Governor through two full terms, not two years. Like Reagan he can deliver a speech and everyone leaves understanding what he said.

Don't get me wrong I like Sarah Palin. She serves a valuable, base energizing role in the Republican Party. I think she understands that role and I think she is willing to subordinate her own Presidential ambitions for the good of the party. Rick Perry on the other hand is a much more complete package who has more executive experience across the spectrum of Presidential duties than Sarah Palin and President Obama combined.

Typical Whitey

I agree completely. My favorite ticket: Perry Bachmann. We can stop Obama next year.

John Smith

Slick RINO Ricky as President? Please. If you want a candidate who quotes the bible and constitution but keeps company with multiple young impressionable women (ala Bubba Clinton), cheats on his wife, lines the pockets of cronies, appeals to populist nonsense and has a third rate group of staff and political groupies, he is your RINO. Slick Rick is a joke and a disgrace.

Why not nominate a real conservative with morals and ethics that can beat Obama, not a walking time bomb with more skeletons in the closest than most.


Rick Perry is a "small-government conservative" versus the big spender "compassionate conservative" that Bush was in office. Perry would make a good president for our country.

Johnny O.

"Support the most conservative AND electable candidate." I think it might be Perry.


While Rick may not be the "white knight", as projected by Typical Whitney above, clearly the American people have lowered their standards by electing Clinton and Yobama. Bottom line, what will it take to get Obama the hook and I would agree, a Perry-Bachman ticket is by far, the best chance this country has to stop the far left Nobama movement. Desperate times call for desperate measures...it doesn't get any more desperate than what we are experiencing now.


rick perry can and will defeat this marxist pres we have. name one candidate who has no flaws.....name one. we need leadership!


Humongeous Govt spending, completely unabated by irresponsible Demo politicans and policy advocates, needs to be turned back by pro growth, limited Govt types. The (US)Govt house of cards collapses in 10-15 years. WE need dedicated, honest advocates that will keep their hands off the money. Hopefully, Repubs can nominate a truly honest team that can stop the Bankruptcy Demos, for the good of the Republic.

Texan By Birthright

Gov Perry for POTUS? Awesome. Not Perry Bachmann - wrong wrong wrong. She voted for the Patriot Act extension, and wants to amend the Constitution - she's not a "States' Rights" conservative at all. Perry Petraeus 2012.

Get Real

We are at the brink, the point of no return unless we make very hard decisions and now. This class warfare that is going on will be insignificant when the economy crashes, this time for good. When nearly half the population pays no federal taxes, you will have deems pandering to them to "soak the rich to pay their fair share". We don't need more revenue, we need to cut endless useless programs and Truly cut the waste, just like every household does. Our candidate better be prepared to hold this line, or the rest really won't matter. If Rick Perry can do that, I am for him.


I have already voted for Perry and the Texas economic model by commiting my manufacturing company to building our current consumer brand initiatives there instead of CA or NY.

I have little reason to do else wise as we have had resistance/delays on product approvals in the former 2 states and none in TX.

We are hiring in TX with confidence.


Sorry, but the guy's overrated.
Texas has been growing jobs for 20 years.
Saying Rick Perry is causing job growth is like saying weathermen are causing rain.


There are 300 million people in the US and 299,999,999 would be better than Obama. Rick has faults, like the rest of us, but he grew up on a farm knowing hard work, knows when people are fed up, and knows how to veto bad legislation. His most important point is that he appeals to Tea Party conservatives and as Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, to establishment Republicans. Most everyone else appeals to only one or the other.


And the flavor of the month for the far right "My way or the Highway Mob".... Yes, you got it.... Rick Perry....

The Candidate for the people who believe that their hate for an Insurance Mandate TRUMPS States Rights, The group that thinks it is MORE CONSERVATIVE to continue under the current "DEFACTO MANDATE" that all taxpayers have been subject to wherein we are all obligated to pay the actual Medical Bills of those who have chosen not to be insured as opposed to requiring people to pay for their own insurance and consequently pay their own bills.... Imagine, everyone responsible for their own Medical Bills.... Gosh, what a concept.

Truth is that I use to think that Conservatives believed in the Constitution and the 10th Amendment; I also use to believe that Conservatives believed in everyone paying their own way and not giving the irresponsible the right to hitch a ride on the Taxpayers simply by refusing to buy insurance....

As for Rick Perry and his Job Creation.... All of this 37% of total job creation is a joke in this economy where very few jobs are being created..... It's like arguing that Perry is the tallest of Snow White's Dwarves.... During the past 18 months or so, while Teas has created these jobs under Perry, the state has slid from having the 18th lowest Unemployment rate amongst the 50 states to having the 24th lowest unemployment rate.... BIG WOW.... In addition, Texas has 2.8% GDP which puts it in the bottom third amongst the 50 states.... Another Big Wow.....

In addition, Texas has one of the highest Poverty Levels amongst the U.S., is ranked towards the lowest countrywide in Education, Has a very high Tax Rate (while it has no state Income Tax, its Property taxes range from 2.5% to 3.3% with an average of approximately 2.75%,and its Sales Tax rates hover around 8% state-wide.... Leads the nation in toll road miles by alot, and Perry quite frankly is not very well liked by the very Conservative State Legislature.... His record on Imigration is confusing (there have been a couple of stringent laws passed but he was against the Legislation in Arizona and has not been a big advocate of the fence construction)... and lastly,he has been a big proponent of the International roadway that has been a money pit, controversial to say the least, and presently looks to be still-born.

So, this is one Texas Conservative that can't and won't support Perry... I am curious to see all that gets unraveled with a Candidacy for President....I have hear alot about his Private Life and curious to find out how much of it is true.

david howard

Yes! Nominate Perry! PLEASE!!! As an Obama supporter, there's nothing I'd love more except Palin. Texas has the worst poverty in the country, and once you scrutinize other talking points about the Texas economy, as Dems. can and will, the rosy image will start to stink. Perry -- with his more-Bush-than-Bush personality -- will energize the Dem. base like no other Republican, save Palin, can. The Repubs. only chance is to go with a moderate intellectual type like Romney or Pawlenty, but they're in an extremist mood, so they'll lose, lose, lose.


The bottom line is that Obama is a closet Marxist destroying America's economy, the source of our strength while Perry has run the most business friendly state for the last seven years with enormous jobs creation even during a period of national stagnation as proof. Perry also understands the role of the states in a Federal system and the need for limited government. Nuff said - he has my vote.


A Rick Perry candidacy would be an absolute disaster for the Republican Party. I live in Texas and have followed American politics closely for over 40 years. While Gov. Perry would, no doubt, appeal to the far right wing, he would have no chance whatsoever of defeating Barack Obama in the general election.

Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Do people out there really think that this country would be willing to turn out an incumbent president in favor of yet another swaggering Texas governor after the way the last one turned out?

The answer is obvious: No, it would not.

If the Republicans really want to re-take the White House in 2012, then Mitt Romney is, far & away, their strongest horse. He consistently polls better than any Republican in hypothetical match-ups against Obama and he doesn't scare away the moderate voters in the middle, without whom no Republican can win.

So the right wing of the GOP needs to decide what's more important, ideological purity or actually winning.

For my money, I'd have to go with winning. I don't believe this country can survive another four years of Obama and his crew.

Jay Kitsap

I so want Perry to run, the primaries can determine if he is the GOP's best candidate. But I have been lackluster on the GOP field without him. Michelle sounds good, but where is her major enterprise management experience.

Perry can fire up a room, but also be a manager and does seem to stand on his principals. Mitt seems to have principals that blow in the wind.

Ellen K

I love how liberals like to point out poverty in Texas when most of that can be specifically linked to the failures of the Obama administration to control the borders. Everify is a failure because it's too slow and there's no real reaction when someone isn't identified. And by the way, they can whine about poverty in numbers in Texas but let's talk about poverty as a percentage. What percentage of Detroit citizens are below the poverty level? How about Chicago? Baltimore? Los Angeles? I'm not a big Perry fan but he would be LIGHTYEARS better than Obama. The drumbeat is getting louder "Anyone But Obama".


I beg to differ with you: Herman Cain is the best anti-Obama candidate. He has a better narrative, is the ideological opposite, and had real business executive experience. He also has less to attack. He is more rock solid conservative than Perry. We can count on him. Perry acts like an unpredictable wild card. Cain is by far he strongest LEADER in the pack.

DC Hinckley

Perry- Rubio 2012.


Rick Perry is no Ronald Reagan. We knew Ronald Reagan when he ran for President. Ronald Reagan was not playing coy with us, and he had been a presence on the national stage for many years. Rick Perry is playng coy. That may or may not be a winning strategy. He may or may not be the champion we all seek. But coy is not what we need now. I don't yet know who he is, and that is his own fault. Right now he could take some lessons from Michelle Bachman about how to be forthright and accessible to voters. Declare yourself governor or get out of the way of the serious candidates we need.

Neil Midgley

I am with you all the way

Neil Midgley
White Rock
British Columbia

Tom Vann

From what I have seen of Perry he is an electrifying speaker who does not apologize for believing in the conservative values that made America great. While Obomanics tout 62,000 new jobs at Mcdonald's, Texas is creating jobs in energy, manufacturing and service that pay $62,000 a year. It's time to get a President who does not hate America and understands American exceptionalism. Rather than a Marxist who is doing his best to destroy the greatest country in the history of the world.

Lynne Teinert

Rick perry is NOT a RHINO.

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