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July 05, 2011


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Matthew Reynolds

This is of course music to my ears.You will not get a proper improvement in school standards until it is obvious to educators that they will lose funds unless they use public funds to raise standards.If you just keep dishing out funding & let the 'progressive' brigade ensure that children cannot read,write or do sums then schooling will stay pretty poor in the government sector.Parents who care about their children's schooling should not be vilified by left-wingers who went to private and/or selective schools.Rather we should empower parents to get the best education for their children.It is a bit two-faced for left-wingers to oppose school choice for the majority having gained from a private education themselves.We must ensure equality of opportunity by raising standards for the poor & those in the middle to as close to those of the rich as possible.By devolving power & extending choice by getting new providers in you smash the present system & rebuild a better one in its place.

It is wonderful that this is happening because it shows that the right are winning the argument on education.Just as they won the debate on fiscal policy last November.

The American people are showing that they want greater freedom from Obama's nanny state.That must favour the GOP- I hope !

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