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July 31, 2011


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Americans will com to thank the Tea Party for the role it has played to say enough is enough, we cannot keep living Bryony our means. If there was no debt ceiling, nothing would have happened, and the US would havevbeen in a far worse situation.


The Western economies seem to be in thrall to a new deity, the Rating Agencies. After proving to be such false prophets prior to the credit crunch this beggars belief. Perhaps a few senators and congressmen should ring up these gods and politely enquire when they'll be relocating to Beijing or Pyongyang. The world economy needs the US to sort its defect problems out and that means giving time for the institutions of government to do their job.

I would rather see the Congress arriving at a messy compromise than the whole world kowtowing to a few rather shabby, commercial organisations who have set themselves up in judgement. Here in the UK we have been sucked into supporting the problems with a currency we do not even belong to without even a vote in Parliament ! For all its faults the US system is airing the issues and if the Tea Party succeeds in waking the greatest economy on earth to the problems of debt then it is a movement that will last.

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