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July 07, 2011


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Matthew Reynolds

That is superb and they should bring it in the next full fiscal year to slash the deficit from $2.2 trillion to $1.2 trillion.This would get things going by boosting confidence.If that was coupled with a major deregulation drive for business while getting more credit flowing to private firms then you would get the USA economy would roar back.By boosting business by reducing its regulatory costs you make investment pay and thus help shrink dole queues.By getting credit flowing to small business you can fuel investment.

That along with signing free trade deals would spur recovery.Giving business freedom is key to getting job growth going.Tackling the federal deficit would help hold down long-term interest rates.Rising interest rates would kill a recovery.

So this big federal spending cut is good.But it is not a remedy on its own - but as a part of a pro-growth package it would be handy.

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