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June 09, 2011


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Matthew Reynolds

In the USA they should make the Bush tax cuts permanent to remove economic uncertainty that is holding back economic growth.To drive down gasoline prices they should drill for oil at home.They should set business free to be dynamic and generate jobs by not only stopping any new French style rules but by scrapping & streamlining federal regulations.To restore economic confidence insofar as the fiscal deficit is concerned you could legally limit the size of the federal government while bringing in a balanced budget amendment and a line item veto to empower a president to strike pork barrel spending from a bill that congress has passed.As taxpayers & business face horrific costs from Obamacare that should be ended.Entitlements,Medicare & Medicade will bankrupt the USA very soon if not overhauled as Paul Ryan recommends.To spur growth extend free trade to South America so that alliances can be built up with beneficial economic co-operation.The federal payroll should be cut in size year on year for five or six years until the budget is in balance with whole departments phased out.If you want tens of millions of jobs in the USA then woo investors with zero tax rates on capital gains & dividends and the end of corporate income tax.

It is not rocket science as regards what needs doing to fix the US economy.Trouble is that Obama & his crew are either incompetent to the nth degree.Or Glen Beck is right that the left bring in job destroying policies in the hope of over-burdening welfare states so that capitalism is destroyed.I personally agree with Glen as he gets lots of important stuff right !

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