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June 28, 2011


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Ian Stewart

You mean like Obama?


I think you are totally and utterly wrong about Bachmann. There is no evidence whatsoever that she would fail miserably with independents. Indeed considering the Tea Party movement is made up of independents, her success within it shows what a ridiculous assertion that is. You have no polling evidence whatsoever.

I also find it laughable that you refer to Paul Ryan as a Leader. He may have been once during his Roadmap days but his "Path to Prosperity" is a joke. As a budget it doesn't balance for 20+ years! How is that even vaguely radical? The RSC Budget which balances in 10 years (supported by Bachmann) was fairly radical perhaps, Rand Paul's budget which balances in 5 was no doubt radical, but to suggest Ryan is in their league is ridiculous. Indeed Ryan's budget drastically increases spending in real terms over many years, it only balances because of growth assumptions. Not to mention that Ryan voted for big government programmes such as No Child Left Behind, this man is no leader!

Bachmann isn't afraid to speak the truth about the debt crisis. Like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson she doesn't hide behind pledges to cut money over ridiculous lengths of time, she believes in getting to grips with the budget now! To suggest she is something of a sideshow is hugely insulting considering (unlike most of the other candidates) she speaks the truth.

It's nice have at least a few candidates genuinely representative of limited government. They should be applauded not derided.

Chris L.

Ryan, not only is her lack of experience and accomplishment a serious problem, but her extremist views on social and religion-related issues will be box office poison outside that community. She now tries to hide that a bit, but her past record will be dragged out for all to see---and it's not going to play in the battleground states, especially in the must-win suburbs of those states.

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