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May 30, 2011


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Dawn Carpenter

Which entitlements?
If the Tea Party is going to go after entitlements, it had better make sure it has really good pollsters and PR people to help it through this minefield. There are entitlements and then there are entitlements. Does the Tea Party have the sophistication to handle this properly?


I think that as the 2012 election approaches the Tea Party movement will gradually lose focus of it's original aim. If this time next year the objective is getting a Republican in the White House then the movement will have failed itself. I fear that in the whirl of an election year tribalism will overwhelm many of those committed to the cause of smaller government, lower taxes and reduced government spending.
I'm yet to be convinced by any of the Republican figures being touted as potential candidates. With the exceptions of Ron Paul or Paul Ryan I don't really think any of those tipped to run have made any meaningful contribution to the debate over the national debt or the wider issue of the role of government. For the likes of Gingrich, Romney and Palin the overriding concern seems to be election to public office for no other reason than the validation of their own preconceived greatness.
The Tea Party movement should look beyond 2012 and play the long game. It should refuse outright to endorse either of the two main parties on the grounds that neither have the will or the policies to pull America back from the brink of bankruptcy. Only when a politician (Democrat or Republican) enters the arena saying the sort of things that no other politician dare speak and possesses a credible set of policies to address the country's dire economic situation should the Tea Party reveal it's hand.

Vincit Veritas

The USA needsa a real Republican Candidate, a slower spending Ronald Reagan!!!!!

Steve Tierney

If the Tea Party listen to people like Ryan Streeter than that will be the end of that.

There's a beautiful simplicity to the message: "Taxed Enough Already." It emcompasses so many things. Big State. Living on debt. Collapse of industry. Rights before responsibilities.

Tea Party members will tend to be real right-wingers, who understand the problem with living on future wealth. They may bring with them an odd mix of other policies and beliefs which don't always tally, but that's fine. As long as, underneath it all, lower tax (and all its inherent attachments) is core.

Because this problem is not going away in America or much of the rest of the developed world. It will get worse. People who consistently say so, clearly and loudly, will win through common sense and reality in the end.

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