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May 24, 2011


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Ricardo's Ghost


you're overlooking a lot of things.

1) If the GOP is going to defend Paul Ryan's plans it needs to have a reply to Krugman's critique: limiting coverage to a voucher that won't cover the insurance premium is never going to be politically acceptable and therefore will never actually happen.

2) The choice is not between Ryan reform and doing nothing. The choice is between doing things to contain healthcare costs (Obama's ideas for example), and accepting healthcare costs are where they are and will go where they go, and instead switch the question to how much of the bill the government will cover and how much will be left to seniors to cover themselves.

3) If Medicare's cost increases are economically crippling, they will still be economically crippling if the government managed somehow to shift the responsibility for paying those costs onto seniors. The economy would still be devoting enormous sums to healthcare for seniors. The only way this isn't true is if you somehow do something to contain costs or you actually think that when healthcare costs are shifted on to seniors they won't buy something as good or comprehensive as Medicare.

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