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May 25, 2011


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Dawn Carpenter

If she had run in California, Jane Corwin might have won with hair like that.

Dawn Carpenter

How can anyone extrapolate anything with a third-party candidate like Jack Davis? He ran three times as a Democrat, tried to get the Republicans to endorse him, then ran as a Tea Partier. His 9% of the vote could have come from anywhere.

This is just what British Conservatives will face from the United Kingdom Independence Party, like the Tea Party a single-issue party (Britain to leave the European Union), which could easily siphon off just enough votes in just enough Parliamentary races to give the victory to the Labour Party. At least the Tories may be able to come to an accommodation with the Kippers of UKIP. One gets the impression that Jack Davis would not take anything which would require him to forego the pleasure of the chase.

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