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April 06, 2011


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Dan F

Lets break the back of the working class. As long as the wealthy get entitlements screw the rest.

Paul A

Is social security an entitlement or something that people pay into with the expectation of a return someday?

SS is separate from the general tax system so I would argue that at the very least those who paid in should at least get back what they paid plus the T Bill interest rate over the period of thier contributions.


PaulA: People do pay in to SS with an expectation of return, but they are not getting back what they "invested." Instead, today's retirees are supported by today's workers. As people live longer and we have fewer workers per retiree, the program runs into trouble. So, yes, it would make sense to have our money in an account with our name on it (that idea has been proposed before, most recently during the GW Bush administration), but that's not how it works currently.

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