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March 29, 2011


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American corporations are making a killing, come on. Wish I made the kind of money they do, I'd be happy to pay 35% taxes. It's time we start to pay the bills (the deficit). On the one hand, conservatives say we're broke and want to cut spending, then on the other hand, they want to make it so corporations get tax breaks. This is not the time. Corporations that take jobs oversees should be heavily taxed. It's time to repeal NAFTA. Perot was right, a country that doesn’t make anything will never be able to survive. Look at how many jobs have left.


Tammy, that's an understandable concern. However, the OECD, which isn't exactly right-wing or pro-big-business, has called lower tax rates the surest path to economic growth: http://bit.ly/e7LmHN It's not about helping corporations get richer; it's about exactly what you say, getting more companies making more and hiring more.

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