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February 21, 2011


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Ash Faulkner

Right. So the private sector in the United States has, in the past thirty years, consistently screwed its workers as practically all the gains in productivity have gone to profits. This is directly connected to the decline of unionisation in the private sector. In the public sector, where unionisation is relatively higher, surprise surprise, the workers get a better deal. And who gets the blame? The public sector unions for still having the guts and the power to push for their own interests and stop themselves being shafted like their private counterparts have been - and are being to this day. It's just incredible. The existential crisis of neoliberalism leads to what? More neoliberalism!

Oh, and there's always money for tax cuts for millionaires. Fiscal conservatism my arse.

johhny galt

There are a few things that the think tank failed to disclose: public employees do not collect social security benefits if they receive a pension even though they pay into social security.
Think tank also failed to include financial benefits from the private sector which often include stock options, as well as the finanial values of such things as airline and hotel discounts, frequent flyer miles accumulation, car stipend and gasoline cards--to name a few.

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