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February 03, 2011


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The article yesterday bashing Sarah Palin left me so angry that I stewed about it all day. Today you try to put some salve and a bandage over yesterday's unwarranted commentary. POINT: Sarah Palin has not declared her candidacy for ANYTHING. POINT: Each time Palin opens her mouth on any topic, critics on both the left and the Right pounce. Bottom line, The People love her and what she stands for. She is one of US, not a Beltway talking head.


I concur with AZWHIG, I'm a voting US Conservative that has become repulsed by 50%+ of the Republican Party and I especially put the blame on the folks listed as supporting your smear on Sarah Palin yesterday, Frum, Douthat, Thune, Myth, Gerbleman Gringrich, troll Rove, mushy McCain and all the rest of the Bush Repubs....you will drive off the T-Party voters and deliver the Obama a 2nd term. This is a despicable alliance and just as toothless as the wretched 'Conservative' Party in Britain!

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