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February 02, 2011


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Case closed, I think. If Palin runs, Obama gets in again - and nothing could be worse than that.

Mike Thomas

I think the problem here is what you have just put right in front of us in this article.

"Of the people"

The country, not interest groups, not special sections. The people.

"By the people"

The commentators and politicians have got it wrong, time and time and time again, they don't want her but the public does.

"For the people"

Here lies the rub, this is government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Say what you like about Palin, like her or loathe her but she gets all three. I think she should take stock and simply re-adjust her approach a little.


The way I see it is that she has lost, if she ever indeed had any chance of winning, any public perception of competence. This may or may not be her own fault; personally I believe it to be her fault.

However, the ease of portraying her somewhere on the incompetent-lunatic spectrum, particularly in major opinion forming parts of the press and media, makes her an easy rival for the current President, who finds coming across serious as an easy task (helped by generous reporting of his rhetorical skills).

Vulture, the first poster, is correct; Palin is the candidate Obama will be hoping to face.


Good idea, put up another liberal like McCain and lose again. :/

Bachmann/Palin 2012

Dave B

I thought Mrs Palin's response to the Tuscon thing was excellent.


martin sewell

I always takeCharles Krauthammer seriously.

It may be that Sarah Palin's role may be akin to that of George Wallace or Ross Perot- not to win but to be a game changer.

What she brings new to the Establishment party is a real connection with the values of ordinary America. I suspect that no GOP candidate who joins
the liberal sneering of her can achieve the necessary balance of outreaching to the unecoders whilst holding onto the core vote, or the newly active Tea Party voters. The platform for a winning candidate needs to be " Palin plus" "Sarah ..but". The phenomenon will be ignored at the GOP peril. Anyone who can build on the base with greater gravitas will look good against a President who will bring a bad record for judgement.


I don't think she will run. She knows very very well the hatred of the progressive Left. Most of our legacy media would be against her every move. She couldn't breath without someone finding fault. She couldn't accomplish anything. I would think she also knows she and her family would be in danger of assassination. After the Tuscon killings and regardless of blatant facts explaining why, there were still enough sickos wanting her death and boldly stating so. It's what happens when so many in the media have painted her into an evil caricature.

A point to be made here as most who read this will be Brits. Conhome has used commentators who are of Conhome's opinion. There are many other conservatives who would disagree in significant ways, even if they like me still would not want her to run.

I wouldn't fancy yourselves as the Truth Tellers here. I'm not gonna go through every article with a contrary opinion than yours but a couple examples of interest...

On economic policy you might go here:


Do a better search for George Will and don't just use a comment you want. Go here...


I could go on about the lack of regard it seems most American conservative/libertarians have for people who've shown their foolishness and irrelevance to the movement. Like Joe Scarborro, Peggy Noonan (miss maturity who voted for Obama) and David Frum.


We really don't need Brits telling us who we should or should not vote for thank you..

Palin will make an excellent President

Alan Carcas

I think a lot of people, especially in the Tory Party, accepted Sarah Palin at face value because, a) she reminded them of Margaret Thatcher; b) she had been chosen by John McCain because we in the Tory Party trusted him as a Republican.

Oh, dear! How wrong we were on both counts. Sarah Palin is quite clearly a female red-neck American politician of the type that can be found in all aspects of American political, social and professional society, beloved of Hollywood, to name but a few. How the Republicans get out of this bind I don't know, but I suspect, deep down, and there is a depth to American society if you look hard enough, Palin has done the cause of women in American politics a great deal of harm. A bit like mad-Hatty Harman has here!

Won't vote for anyone but Sarah

Wow! So you're *this* afraid of her, eh? The 'please give it up already' is a pretty desperate last tactic.


If this woman is really so awful, she won't get the nomination. If she gets the nomination, she can win.

I wish her all my best. If she did to America what she did to Alaska the world would be a much better place. Run, Sarah, run!


First of all, let's discount the views of the neo-conservatives in the disastrous Bush administration. They and their collaborators (mostly ex-Democrats) purged the Republican Party of traditional conservatives, Reaganites and libertarians.

Rove, Krauthammer, Frum, Tobin, Wehner and Will et al destroyed the Republican Party through their big government, war-mongering, anti-civil liberties liberalism.

Murkowski is a RINO. What has Peggy Noonan achieved apart from advising the West Wing? The only commentator worth reading on that list is Daniel Larison.

I can't help concluding that there is a massive neo-con/Israeli lobby campaign against the Palin candidacy. Their candidate would be Jeb Bush, much better than his brother or father, but there is no way that the Americans will vote in a 3rd Bush.

Let's look at the alternatives. Gringrich has too much baggage. Romney is a RINO with his own version of Obamacare. Huckabee and Santorum are religious nutters. At the moment, Mitch Daniels is the only candidate who could unite the Republican Party.

Conservative Home readers deserve real analysis rather than a puff piece that is merely promoting the neo-cons' campaign against Sarah Palin. F for failure!

Paul Marks

I am NOT a Palin supporter - but this article is no good.

Sarah Palin HAS suggested a lot of serious ideas - read her books and articles (they are full of serious and good ideas).

And quoting a lot of unprovoked attacks by establishment figures is absurd.

These are the people who gave the world George Walker Bush - i.e. wild govnernment spending on the fiscal side, and allowing Alan Greenspan at the Federal Reserve (and the Dems at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) to build up a vast credit money bubble.

And I will not even get into the wars.

Bush (the ESTABLISHMENT MAN - for all his Texas accent) led directly to Obama, he opened the door for him.

So the establishment should have a "moment of silent reflection" for the next few years. Perhaps Barbara Bush (and co) should go back to their "natural environment" - the local COUNTRY CLUB.

Or, even better, let them go off to war (as they love war so much).

At least Sarah Palin's son has joined up - where are the neocons? Did their applications for military service get lost in the mail?

By the way calling people "religous nutters" (and I am NOT supporter of Governor Huckabee) is no good. The vast majority of Republican voters are what you would call "religous nutters" - i.e. they are Christians who believe in the real existance of God and that Jesus is alive (not in a "very real sense" like a Church of England athiest) but really alive.

As for Mitch Daniels.

A direct connection to Bush (Budget Director), a tax increaser (at the State level) and someone who said there should be a "truce on social issues".

Sorry by the left will not accept a "truce" - they will carry on trying to destroy civil society, and getting the government to finance their efforts.

Bush had eight years to (for example) end taxypayer funding of "Planned Parenthood" (the abortion outfit who are also, as exposed recent days, are into child prostitution and other vile stuff) he FAILED.

Would Mitch Daniels with his "truce" end this funding? About as much chance of that as him getting the United States out of the neocons establishment war in Afghanistan.

A real attack on Sarah Palin would centre on her lack of experience (is two years as Governor enough)and her failure to denounce TARP in 2008.

It would NOT be about what a lot establishment neocons think about her.


Abelard said
'We really don't need Brits telling us who we should or should not vote for thank you..'

Well, would you listen to anyone let alone us 'Brits'if we did and I personnaly do not care who runs for President in the US we have problems enough of our own thank you.

Lets face it, you are very good at telling others what to do but no good at humility.

ConservativeHome USA

Abelard: Thanks for your comment. Just to be clear: we are a site run by Americans for Americans and whoever else wants to read. Our views on Sarah Palin proceed from a deep concern over the future of our country and the need to find leaders who are prepared to handle the challenges ahead.

Mark Hudson

Palin lacks the basic intelligence for the role. Plain and simple. There are any number of plausible candidates upon the Republicans should focus in order to beat Barack H Obama. She is not one of them.


Whether Palin runs for president or not, is up to her and the American people. For what it is worth, I find her an authentic voice and one I would support. As that song goes" she may not be a Harvard lawyer, but she knows the founding fathers well "! Would that we British Conservatives had such a authentic voice ! British Fox news now !


Has Peggy Noonan ever met dave?

local local

Voters vote on the basis of the way the candidates are presented by the media. they are not generally engaged with the minutiae of policy or even "where" a candidate stands on the political spectrum - if there is such a thing.

Palin, sadly, attracts almost un-remittingly negative press and this would dog any campaign she might fight, for the nomination or even for the Presidency.

She has re-energised a non-religious, liberal, constitutionalist base. Those who want to be free and have Government serve them, not vice versa, but are not simply pro-life, gun-toters. That is something we should be glad of and thank her for.

But she ain't a Predisident.

Fairfacts Media

Come on ConHome?, can the timber of Sarah Palin be any worse than the inexperienced senator from Illinois who kept voting 'present.'?

The way the left and the soft right establishment attack her is a testament to the strength of Palin and how they all fear her.
Are we on the right going to do what the left tell us and choose the candidate that they want, or are we going to let the American right choose a candidate who is true to their values.

Likewise, should the UK Conservatives choose a leader who is conservative or should it let the BBC pick the leader for it?

Palin did so much to galvanise the opposition to Obama. The Republicans thought that they could survive only by accepting Obama's leftist agenda.
But Palin has show the way on smaller government and reducing the budget deficit.

Rather than the soft right attacking Palin, it should focus on the enemy, the hard left behind Obama and the extreme policies they seek.

We should also welcome the development of small government conservatives as they will save America and its way of life.

We need a Tea Party and many Sarah Palins in Britain too.

Just as in America though, I bet they would cause many sleepness nights for the establishment, be they RINOs in America or Posh Boys in Downing Street.


It is waaaaay past time.
I keep thinking of a comment attributed to Winston Churchill:
"Every dog has its day, and some days are longer than others."


And, another thing, I strongly suspect that her so-called "popularity" is vastly overrated. I, for one, am really tired of the constant merry-go-round of stupid publicity stunts over substance.


I am a Conservative woman who has become very disappointed with Mrs.Palin, and many of my family and friends have been defecting from her camp as well. Why? We don't see the values and virtues that we hoped she would espouse and represent in her public appearances and statements. We don't see serious policy statements on Sanctity of Life, help for children with special needs, protection of marriage, help for the poor and unemployed, etc. Also, the virtues of civility, intellectual curiosity, and dignity seem lacking. The women in my circle don't run around putting their children on display-they are busy rearing their children and working in their homes or jobs. They don't use "flippin" and "WTF" and other crude slang. They don't have huge motor homes to galavant in to indulge in expensive outings. The more we get to know her, the more we realize she is not like the person she represented herself to be.
She has turned off a lot of family values voters who aren't from the Angry element of the Tea Party but are Conservative voters who were hoping for a serious modern woman who would champion the causes we so deeply believe need to be addressed in our country.


Mrs Palin is considered to be a joke this side of the Atlantic....surely, American people, you don't want another Obama term, do you? Believe me, this is what you will get if Mrs Palin runs.


I think Sarah can't win against Obama for the simple reason that even this over the top, overly long RINO editorial can appear on a site calling itself "Conservative Home." The majority of the pundits, and not-so pundits quoted are known for being RINOs.

All of the claims made about Sarah here are in the same vein as when Reagan was running. Is she as smart as he was? How the hell would I know with even the alternate Press focussing on nothing but the latest MSM controversy, and endlessly sucking the wind out of her sails to ask about the latest MSM controversy, and pushing her to answer her detractors. BUT THE BLAMING HER FOR BEING A CONTROVERSY HOUND AND FOR NOT BEING SUBSTANTIVE!!!

Why don't you Ivy League RINOs let us know who you've anointed as President, and we'll bend to your all-knowing wills. No sense in our imagining in middle American that this is anything but an oligarchy.

Martin Marprelate

Surely for the ranks of Republican Senators, Congressman and Governors they can find two people to stand for President and Vice-President respectively who woudl be more electible than Sarah palin? Inded if they want to defeat Obama in Nov 2012 they should keeo the lady from Alaska off the ticket and out of the way.

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