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December 18, 2010


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Look at the tone of their comments - the complacency on display is astonishing and terrifying.

This sort of thing is exactly why John Bolton is the man we need in the White House. There is no internationalist conspiracy, cooked up behind closed doors by EU Foreign Ministers and George Soros; but there is a gradual emergence of an order in the world in which national aspirations are crushed and national sovereignty is cast aside. And that order is no friend of liberty or democracy.

I would hazard a guess that the overwhelming majority of Republicans (indeed probably most Democrats) don't want to see that happen but simply being opposed to such things is not enough. Those who push that agenda are quite happy to do it bit by bit, carefully and slowly. They are patient enough to let the pass be sold an inch at a time. Of all the Republican politicians out there only Bolton actually seems to get this. The others would oppose anything egregious but over time concede little bits and pieces in the name of comity and compromise (or through simple inattenion to what the State Department is up to).

I do realise that sounds paranoid (which is of course one of the other problems for fighting this stuff). Let me simply say this: it has happened before, and recently.

In 1983 the Conservative Government in England was re-elected under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher in a landslide. A stronger, more patriotic government had not been in place in decades. Had you quizzed those incoming MPs whether they intended to give away Britain's sovereignty to the European Economic Community (as it then was) they would have thought you were nuts (Britain had overwhelmingly voted, nine years before, to remain in the Common Market (as it then was) and everyone had been assured that such ideas were the ravings of paranoiacs). Yet that same government, and those same MPs voted to abolish such trivial things as the British passport, almost without realizing what they were doing.

Being anti-Internationalist when a crisis breaks is not enough. Constant vigilance is required.

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