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December 23, 2010


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It would wise for the republicans to stop being the we are not democrats party and offer a well thought out and comprehensive economic reform package that emphasizes economic growth, manufacturing growth, export growth and significant reduction in government and public debt.

A review of the last 100 years of legislation with an eye to eliminating or narrowing legislation the retards growth and the accompanying regulation schemes brought on by that legislation in addition to judicial rulings that are derived from that legislation and regulation that retard growth needs to be done immediately with the goal of eliminating the maximum number possible to promote growth.

This what the republicans need to do now, never mind for their political gain but rather for the good of the nation.

buddy larsen

I vehemently second cubanbob.


"The fastest-growing states are red, but the fastest-growing sections within them may be blue."

This is the most important insight here. What's happening isn't that anonymous blobs are getting bigger and smaller. These are real people: in this case, liberal or left-leaning voters moving from declining liberal states and moving into the more prosperous conservative states.

When they arrive, they demand more of what they're used to: big-spending, high taxes, more debt.

The key challenge for blue states stemming from this phenomenon is a culture where your revenue base skips town, leaving you with a mount of debt.

The challenge for the GOP is how to turn the grasshoppers into ants. This won't be easy at all. They may like red-state prosperity and lifestyle, but electorally they slouch towards the left. Managing the process of enculturation is the key challenge for Republicans, and botching it (as in Virginia) is the key electoral opportunity for Democrats.


Two items:
- I have long believed and have watched the left virtually and purposely destroy the middle class values that led to the middle class' continued security and, as the article stated, the lower classes needed to rise out of poverty and into the middle class. Sex, drugs, divorce, the attacks on the family, child care, schools and on and on the list goes on.
-Secondly, with the control of the media they have been working to infiltrate ( I can't think of a better word) the gov't by not reporting the graft, corruption that their allies committed as they took control of more and more of the bureaucracy, the judiciary, the schools, et al.
Finally we may be catching on but the latest "deal" with Obama, "trading" not raising taxes (something I believe he had no intention of doing anyway as it would have stalled his recovery which he's timing to peak as he goes for re-election.

Ritchie The Riveter

The first step to reliably reverse this trend ... confront head-on the Biggest Lie of All: the fallacy that our job as individuals is to merely sit down, shut up, and shell out, then stand by for our leaders to "solve" all our problems FOR us.

We have condoned -- if not encouraged -- the abdication of personal responsibility for life management by millions of people in this nation ... many of whom are the ones being described here as "slipping away", becoming the grasshoppers that asdf describes.

Instead, we delegate that responsibility to a rent-a-government that does not have the capability to understand, much less effectively/efficiently deal with, what are in essence 300 million different flavors of each social dysfunction.

Let's get our government back to focusing on the one-size-fits-all ... and take back the responsibility to chart our own destinies, and/or help each other to do so at levels closer to home instead of from the top down.

M. Report

In the near future (2012) the question
will be not what the voters want, but
what the taxpayers want.


asdf nails it - some people can't admit to themselves much less anyone else that they fled blue state crime, taxes, and lousy public schools... we need to find non-alienating ways to make them face such facts

Blacque Jacques Shellacque

Republicans have shown that they can do well among Latinos, though they’ve shown they can also alienate them in a heartbeat, too.

If by this you mean that Latinos are easily alienated by positions against illegal immigration and amnesties, then is it really worth it to have them in your camp?


It's true that the Hispanic vote ebbs and flows, with a higher Hispanic vote for the GOP in what are already good years for the party (2004, say), and lower in bad years (like 2006). But Latinos are much less Republican than the electorate as a whole. There's never been an election in which Republicans have done close to as well among Hispanic voters as they have with the overall electorate.

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