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December 10, 2010


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L Venkatasubbu

Marriage is broken, because the implicit compact of marriage has been destroyed. Both men and women want children but only women can bear them. So men agree to provide for their upbringing through the compact of marriage. In return they stay involved with their children. The father who does not want to be involved is mostly a convenient myth.

Once love and sex are gone why would any woman want to stay married? Today women can dispense with marriage to be able to bring up the children. Not only marriage, but also the need to keep the father involved. It gets worse - even if love and sex are still there - a woman under todays conditions is often motivated to end things to better her situation.

Why would a man want to get married? He can have love and sex without it; marriage makes very little difference. And if love and sex disappears, an existing marriage (even if dissolved) is a millstone that dramatically worsens his future existence. In reality, marriage is now permanent for a man.

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