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December 12, 2010


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Ken Royall

"Republicans have failed to address the concerns of Latinos and millennials."

In other words, they are against amnesty? Good.

Vinny Vidivici


I'm not sure what you mean by the need to address "the concerns of Latinos".

The media focuses almost solely on Latino activist demands for various forms of amnesty -- demands which wouldn't exist if amnesty recipients were not overwhelmingly Latino. Go figure.

Opposition to illegal immigration is "perceived as anti-immigrant" because the media and the Left deliberately conflate the two in order to tar opponents as bigots while they work to import new constituents.

The appalling high school drop out rates, the rise in single parent homes, the encouragement of even multi-generational American Hispanics to identify first and foremost with culture and countries their ancestors left long ago, none of this gets discussed.

The Balkanization of this country into grievance tribes and the willingness of pandering politicians to treat each group differently is one of the most destructive forces at work on this society.

K T Cat

Liberals and progressives are doomed by budget mathematics. It won't matter who wins elections when there isn't any more money to hand out. Liberals without money to spend have nothing to offer. I would argue that Jerry Brown's win in California will be the high water mark of liberals and progressives.

WJ Alden

1) the damage to Republican Latino support was entirely the result of friendly fire - 2 amnesty proposals in '06 and '07 raised over the vigorous objections of many GOP voters and politicians by Bush, Specter, McConnell and McCain.

2) GOP congressional candidates havent won the Latino vote in 40+ years. They wont make up in volume when theyre losing on every sale.

3) mass immigration hurts the middle class economically. If they can't get ahead through their own effort they will support more liberal economic policies.

4) if a fast -growing ethnic group told me their support was contingent on allowing in a neverending flow of their foreign cousins I would respond "thanks, but no." Win those Latinos who support us for other reasons and disregard the rest.


I see Latinos as more likely to perform productive work, more likely to attend church, more likely to have children, more likely to take care of their property, less likely to have abortions, less likely to be on welfare. All those things are good, and will benefit America in the long run. Industry, morality, thrift, and productivity are virtues, and if the Republican party supports government actions that establish an environment where virtue is rewarded, it will eventually be recognized by these fine Americans.


As is often the case, "Latino" is deliberately confused with "illegal alien from Mexico".

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