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November 30, 2010


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It's Joe, not Joel Scarborough. And I think he's wrong.

Tim Montgomerie

The UK Spectator looks at Romney V Palin as a contest between brainpower and starpower...



So we have a woman who was a mayor in 1996. Governor in 2006. Cleaned up the state and was Vice-presidential candidate in 2008. But Joe says she's a no hoper.

I would say she has a foreign policy weakness which could be rectified by simply taking some time off and go and visit the rest of the world.

IMO she'll be back!!!


"Mayor in 1996. Governor in 2006." etc - I think she will have to live down her cowardly resignation midway through her first term as governor, and her failure to deliver Joe Miller to the US Senate. Both are intimately related - Alaska, the only state to have been governed by Palin, doesn't like her. She may well have lost had she run again this year (the *Republican* State Senate Majority Leader said in 2008 that Palin wasn't even qualified to be governor, let alone VP). She doesn't even lead some of the Republican candidate polling there!

I think Scarborough's critique is a powerful one - she knows she's grossly underqualified so she's attempting to run down the qualifications of predecessors (for what it's worth, I thought that Obama was, at best, severely lacking in terms of having sufficient experience and I'm deeply sceptical of candidates with no executive experience).

What I would add - and what both Scarborough and the Speccie should have picked up - is that she is riding the tiger of "anti-elitism" in the most disappointing way. It's one thing to attack cossetted, distant political elites - quite another to say quite openly that expertise and intelligence are bad things to be reviled and rejected. Her breathtaking contempt for anyone who actually knows anything about issues and policies speaks volumes about her (in)ability to govern.


Her resignation as governor half way through her term to become a celebrity was, frankly, pathetic. I tremble for America if she gets to the presidency - she'd be worse than Obama.

I say this as a fan of the Tea Party and as someone who thinks the federal government should be cut by about half.


The United States has, for a multitude of reasons, got a hill to climb rebuilding its reputation and standing in the changing, globalised arena of international politics and economics. Mrs Palin would be one of the worst choices to achieve this rebuilding.

Helen Smith

Why all this anti-Palin rhetoric on conservativehome? I think men are almost as scared of her as liberals are.

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