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November 24, 2010


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Programme - you're English after all.

Henry Mayhew

Yes. Before the election I asked Mr Cameron to fess up that his deficit reduction plan was too weak or just dishonest. For some reason he disagreed with my now proven analysis.

Actually, less than frank politicians aren't all bad. At least he got somewhat elected so is now in post.

Perhaps the non-Eton-educated public ARE too stupid and cowardly to handle the truth and need Mr Cameron's approach.

Ken Stevens

"..even though pensioners are now disproportionately wealthy in modern Britain..."

Some are, many aren't.

From the link via your CH Think Tank Central piece today:

"The challenge of caring for Britain's ageing population.

Published yesterday was an extraordinarily detailed report from the Centre for Social Justice, examining Britain's ageing society.....
One in five pensioners in the UK lives below the poverty line.
The Basic State Pension (BSP), with minimum income guarantee or pension credit, is the sole means of support for a third of pensioners in the UK."

If you're referring to house value (only realisable if sold, even then living off released and declining capital because savings interest rates are derisory) then this implies that there was something wrong in at last having achieved a financial security after striving to pay the mortgage all those years.

There is also the point that even our grown up kids are needing periodic financial support from us, when we can spare it, in these straitened times ;-(

Conservative Homer

"..even though pensioners are now disproportionately wealthy in modern Britain..."

I think the term is Asset Rich, cash poor.

At least in my family it is. Lots of paper wealth, tied up in housing. Cash funds depleted. They have released equity, and i think this has been the best decision for them, although i understand that there are unscrupulous companies that give bad deals on this, not sure of the regulation of this industry.

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