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I believe that we first need to address the problem by taking care of the reproductive needs of women. Good medical care with free access to birth control and sex education as well as programs to take care of birth mothers throughout their pregnancy would be a good first step. If we can limit the unwanted pregnancies, we can limit unwanted children and the abuse and neglect they suffer. More emphasis on termination of parental rights when birth parents don't meet their goals would result in fewer placements in foster care and quicker adoptions. As we pull funding from programs designed to assist with medical care, employment and education, we will simply have more abuse and neglect.

I totally agree with the basic premise of your article, and I agree we still need government social programs and safety nets. The faith community has not stepped up to the plate. If every pro-life Christian would adopt at least one child, it would be a huge first step, but that hasn't happened yet. Especially if they would adopt a special needs or minority child -- the ones that get left behind.

Kandace Rather

My husband and I just completed our foster care/adoption classes. We are waiting for our first phone call. Of the 12 couples in our class, we are the only ones who chose ages 13-17. We are willing to take younger children but believe the Lord has led us to this specific age group. It's our desire to adopt teens who will otherwise age out of the system and have no family connections. I am excited to have the chance to plant seeds of hope and destiny in their lives. I ultimately want to see them come to a saving relationship with Jesus and then know that He have given them a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11) I am also excited about the practical skills we will get to teach them; from housekeeping to finances to changing the oil in a car. We have four children ages 23 to 17 and they are excited to see who God is going to add to our family. I am coming to the Summit VII Conference in Louisville and look forward to being more equipped! Bless you for being obedient to the call He has placed on our life to stir up believers to consider what God is saying (and has said) about orphans.

Glenn Mork, Executive Director, Hope Centers for Children of Africa

I appreciate your insight and statistical information to back up your thought process. Our approach to "ministry to orphaned children" in DR Congo, is to place children in "Host Family" homes. The Host families are hand-picked by community/staff members. Staff members conduct home visits to insure children are in safe and caring environments. We have placed 600 children in 282 homes. We purchased land to build basic school buildings, a clinic and a chapel. The Center is a place for the children to gather daily for an education, a meal and free medical care. More land was purchased for farming. The farm is set up to feed the children and to sell the excess crops on the market to pay for on-going monthly costs. The Center should be self-sufficient within the next 12 months which will allow us to duplicate this ministry in another community. We also have a micro-loan program for the Host Families to establish their own businesses. Of the 282 homes, 245 are headed by widows. The children are adjusting to their new environment and doing well in school as evidenced by a zero percent drop-out rate. We are Hope Centers for Children of Africa. wwwafricanhopecenters.org

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