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Hanna states "if it was" wrong to impose values of sexual revolution. She's not saying it was wrong nor that it is currently wrong. It's here, and has been for a couple decades or so. Efforts have largely been directed toward kids, increasingly younger in age. I've read of the current efforts toward sex-ed for primary school kids and of course condoms in high school dispensers. Frankly I'm against all social engineering in the schools including prayer, it's where the State crosses a big fat line in my opinion.

I don't doubt the dire consequences of continued marriage deterioration and it may be we are faced with some kind of choice policies and initiatives as a last hope against repulsive draconian government control. I'm not sure what you mean by cultural reforms but if I try to imagine I get a big white screen with the word "impossible".

It requires being adult and honest or we may all end up over our heads before we know it. I have huge doubt but commend you in your dedication. Please don't be fooled though if you think those on the Left will be serious about most anything you think will make marriage happy.

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