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"Ms. Ashtiani has been found guilty of adultery; tortured by women-hating barbarians and has become a symbol of Sharia inspired laws that mistreat women."

What a typically neocon (i.e. anti-conservative) way of looking at the world. Does it not occur to Mr London that it simply the Islamic religion which informs these practices and not "women hating barabarism"?

"Where is our leadership on this matter? Alas where are the feminists who should be at the barricades over this issue?"

How naive! Feminists only care about smashing Christian patriarchy (something which all those "conservative" brains at the "conservative" Hudson institute have done nothing to oppose). They don't care about patriarchy in third world countries because their main aim is not women's rights per se but destroying western civilisation and family life. Interesting that Mr London would look to them as allies.

As a conservative I oppose Mr London's feminist interference in Iranian penal codes. As much as we may be disgusted by the stoning of an adulteress, I daresay Iranians would be disgusted by the extreme leniancy of western penal codes where murderers in England get 6 years in prison and where murderers in America recieve fake death sentences before dying of old age in death row. Why doesn't the Hudson Institute campaign against these sorts of obscenities which amounts to insulting law-abiding victims of crime?

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