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Newslinks for Monday April 9: Gingrich all but concedes to Romney, as Santorum lays ground for doing the same

Posted on 04/09/2012

"Independents like President Barack Obama better but feel ideologically closer to Mitt Romney, according to a new poll of a dozen battleground states released Monday" - Politico

Romney faces lengthy to-do list as likely GOP pick

Romney 470

"Among the tasks: Raise as much money as possible for the general election campaign against President Barack Obama. Hire more people and send them to the most critical states in the fall race. Hone his message to appeal to voters across the political spectrum. And do it all quickly while fending off challenges from GOP rivals who refuse to quit the primary race." - AP

Gingrich: Romney the 'most likely' GOP nominee

"None of the remaining candidates in the battle for the GOP presidential nomination appear prepared to concede the race to Mitt Romney, but that doesn't mean they can't see how it may likely end. "I think you have to be realistic," Newt Gingrich said on "Fox News Sunday." "Given the size of his organization, given the number of primaries he's won, he is far and away the most likely Republican nominee."" - CNN

  • Gingrich says campaign 'on a shoestring,' signals he's preparing for Romney nomination - Fox News
  • Gingrich: I’ll support Mitt Romney if he becomes the nominee - Hot Air

Why is Newt Gingrich still running?

Meet Newt 9"Gingrich plans to start by lobbying for some sturdy planks in the party’s platform — a document that is usually ignored by all but the most stalwart of Republicans, but one that he insists “can shape how the campaign unfolds.” He wants to build in a strong commitment to the 10th Amendment... a balanced-budget provision... a plan for energy independence; and a science research project to map the brain." - Washington Post

Santorum adviser: We'll 'respect it' if it's clear someone will get 1,144 delegates

"Mr. Santorum has given no sign of plans to leave the race. But his advisers acknowledged difficulties ahead for the former Pennsylvania senator. Mr. Brabender said he still saw a path forward for Mr. Santorum but suggested the candidate would drop out if it became clear Mr. Romney would win the 1,144 delegates required to seal the GOP nomination. "If we come to a conclusion that another candidate will get 1,144, we're going to respect that," Mr. Brabender said in an interview." - WSJ ($)

  • "[T]he language being used now sounds a bit more like the bargaining phase of a waning primary between a conservative alternative and the all-but-certain nominee than it does a call to arms." - Politico

Santorum hoping to resume campaign this week after tending to daughter

Screen shot 2012-01-02 at 12.06.00

"His 3-year-old daughter was hospitalized Friday. It was the second time this year Santorum paused from the presidential campaign to care for Bella's health. Spokesman Hogan Gidley, though, told Fox News the campaign is by no means suspended -- and Santorum remains focused on challenging Mitt Romney in the Pennsylvania primary April 24." - Fox News

  • Jerusalem is the capital of Israel - Obama and Romney won't state this fact - Rick Santorum for the NY Daily News

Rick Santorum's Pennsylvania homecoming has both advantages and disadvantages


"Romney's nonstop attack ads have erased Santorum's initial advantage in some previous primaries, particularly in the larger, more diverse states that closely resemble Pennsylvania... But Santorum said that "people in Pennsylvania know me. All of the negative attacks, I think, are going to fall on a lot of deaf ears here." Home-state familiarity also cuts against him. His warts are widely known, and success elsewhere hasn't altered his complicated relationship with state politicians... and with ordinary Republican voters." - LA Times

Capitol Hill turns to speculation on VP nominee

Screen shot 2011-06-21 at 14.26.47"Leading the list of Capitol Hill players is freshman Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.), who some GOP insiders believe is a lock for the job if he wants it and can survive the vetting process. Also receiving top-tier mention are House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (Wis.), who campaigned with Romney in the Badger State leading up to the April 3 primary; Senate Republican Conference Chairman John Thune (S.D.), who considered running for president this year; and freshman Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio), a veteran of the House and the George W. Bush administration. Additional names garnering attention include freshman Sens. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.) and Pat Toomey (Pa.)." - Roll Call

Senate budget leader predicts budget stalemate through 2012 campaign - Fox News

'Orphan' state parties worry GOP

"National Republicans have begun to intervene in a handful of key Senate and House battlegrounds where state parties are in disarray, seeking to head off the possibility that local mismanagement could cost the party control of Congress." - Politico

Karl Rove's American Crossroads SuperPAC planning big anti-Obama ad spending spree

Rove"With an anticipated bank account of more than $200 million, officials at American Crossroads said they would probably begin their campaign this month. But they said they would focus the bulk of the first phase from May through July, which they believe is a critical period for making an impression on voters, before summer vacations and the party conventions take place. ... The ultimate goal of the Crossroads campaign, Mr. Law said, would be to better connect Americans’ disappointment with the economy to their views of the president, especially among crucial swing voters." - New York Times

It's “Game On” for Obama's re-election campaign

Obama at lecturn"[N]ow that Mitt Romney is the presumptive nominee, the Obama team has flipped the ON switch for its reelection machine. The Obama machine’s singular goal: to keep the president in his job by raising and spending hundreds of millions of dollars to recreate the momentum of 2008. There are now close to 700 hundred full time employees, an entire floor of office space, thousands of volunteers in well over 100 field offices across all 50 states, and the most impressive digital team a presidential campaign has ever assembled." - BuzzFeed

DNC chair: Mitt 'rooting for economic failure'

"Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said on Sunday that Mitt Romney and fellow Republicans in Congress are “rooting for economic failure.” “What’s really bothersome to me is that it almost seems like my Republican colleagues in Congress and Mitt Romney are rooting for economic failure. I mean, they’ve been hyper-focused on one job, Barack Obama’s, for really the last two years,” Wasserman Schultz said" - Politico

  • DNC's Wasserman Schultz calls Republicans 'callous' toward women - LA Times
  • "The chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus said Sunday that "it's wrong" for Democrats to accuse Republicans of waging a "war on women."" - Fox News
  • Democratic National Convention to be lobbyist/corporate funded, after all - RedState

Obama lacking quality campaign surrogates

"The relationship between the White House and Congressional Democrats, especially after midterm losses in 2010, has sometimes been icy. The narrative for Obama’s national campaign has shifted from the lofty ideals of change to a more tailored, pragmatic attack on a “do-nothing” Congress.... Meanwhile, the prominent Members of that class of rising stars within the Senate Democratic Conference... are now facing their own tough re-election battles." - Roll Call

  • Inviting Bill Clinton on campaign trail carries risk, reward for Obama - The Hill



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