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Newslinks for Monday March 26: Romney hits 40% for first time

Posted on 03/26/2012

Video: Santorum ad predicts horror movie future for America if Obama is re-elected


Romney 470

"Romney has a 14-point national lead over Rick Santorum and is approaching the halfway mark in delegates needed to secure the nomination. Before this week, Romney's high point in support was 38%. He first reached that mark Feb. 29-March 4 after winning the Arizona and Michigan primaries." - USA Today

Jim DeMint's endorsement of Romney will be more significant than Jeb Bush's among conservatives - WSJ

  • Pat Toomey, long-time rival of Santorum, endorses Romney's conservative credentials - Commentary

Santorum makes increasingly strident attacks on Romney

Santorum & Romney

"Rick Santorum said Sunday that Mitt Romney is the “worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama” because of his stance on health care, some of the strongest language he has used against the GOP front-runner. “Pick any other Republican in the country,” Mr. Santorum said. “He is the worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama. Why would Wisconsin want to vote for someone like that?”" - WSJ

"In Green Bay Saturday night, even as he thanked the voters of Louisiana, he took another shot at Romney on the issue of conservatism, noting that in Romney's damage-control remarks during the Etch-A-Sketch flap, Romney said, "I'm running as a conservative Republican."  Romney's words were revealing, Santorum suggested.  "I'm not running as a conservative candidate for president," Santorum said.  "I am the conservative candidate for president."  And with another win, whatever the steep hill of improbability, Santorum intends to keep at it." - Washington Examiner

Santorum, boosted by victory in Louisiana, shifts focus to Wisconsin - RCP

  • Rick Santorum’s 22-point margin of victory in Louisiana was the 2nd-largest in any GOP primary this year - Weekly Standard | Economist
  • His victory proves again that Romney has limited appeal in the South - Howard Kurtz for the Daily Beast

Gingrich NewtGingrich aimed to win nomionation... then to stop Romney winning nomination... now it's just to influence debate - New York Times

  • White House hits back at Newt Gingrich over claims US president was playing politics with death of teenager, Trayvon Martin - Guardian
  • "Lindsey Graham (R) on Sunday criticized Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich for suggesting the U.S. might need to accelerate its withdrawal from Afghanistan and said his fellow GOP contenders should listen to the advice of military brass on the war" - The Hill

Romney raising most money in GOP race

"Romney pulled in $12 million last month, bringing his total receipts to $74.7 million, and he has $7.3 million in cash on hand. He also rounded up 2,479 new donors in the $2,500 category. By contrast, ex-Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum has collected $15.5 million since the beginning of the campaign and has $1.6 million in cash on hand, while former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) pulled in $20.8 million and is $500,000 in debt." - Roll Call

  • "Mitt Romney will be rounding up donors in the traditionally Democratic strongholds of Hollywood and Silicon Valley this week, in an attempt to maintain his fundraising momentum and lay the groundwork for the delegate-rich California primary in June" - FT

GOP race in brief

  • Santorum says "bullsh*t" to reporters - Fox
  • GOP candidates chase the votes of unaligned delegates - WSJ
  • Rivals use Obamacare anniversary to ding Romney - The Daily Caller

Paul Ryan says he’d ‘consider’ a vice presidential candidacy - Washington Post | USA Today

Boehner John Blue ShirtHouse Republican leaders prepare three themed strategy

"House Republican leaders will unveil a broad election year platform this week designed to pull off a political trifecta:

  • to highlight their differences with President Barack Obama,
  • give rank-and-file lawmakers a package of popular conservative proposals to run on
  • and avoid being tagged as do-nothing obstructionists.

In private meetings set to begin on Tuesday with restless Republican lawmakers, leaders will outline a “strategic plan” to take the House GOP through Election Day, with items ranging from rewriting the corporate and individual Tax Code to overhauling federal regulations to changing U.S. energy policy." - Politico

And some hope for the GOP... History shows, writes Michael Medved, that whenever once-elected presidents seek a second chance, more often than not the people say no - Daily Beast

College graduates continue their exodus from GOP

"College graduates composed 28% of the electorate in 1980, 44% of the electorate in 2008, and are projected to compose a majority of American voters by 2016. Yet the Republican Party's well-credentialed candidates are increasingly pandering to the uneducated, forgetting that their own success, and that of all Americans, starts with a good education." - David Frum

California already has the fourth highest income tax in the nation but Governor Jerry Brown wants it to be higher still - WSJ leader

CHENEY DICKCheney doing ‘exceedingly well’ after heart transplant

"The transplantation is the latest chapter in the semi-public chronicling of Cheney’s life with coronary heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States for more than half a century. Much of his story — he had his first heart attack in 1978 at the age of 37 — has traced the leading edge of cardiac care." - Washington Post

Looking back on Supreme Court interventions in election years - CNN

Young thinkers see culture wars fading; seek new ways to do Jesus' work - Tom Krattenmaker for USA Today



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