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Newslinks for Thursday Mar 1: Romney wins Wyoming, and eyes turn to close Ohio contest

Posted on 03/01/2012

Mitt Romney wins Wyoming caucuses


  • "Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has won the Wyoming caucuses, CNN projects. Based on straw-poll results compiled and released by the Wyoming Republican Party, Romney won 39% of the votes cast in straw polls conducted at county-level caucuses... Rick Santorum came in second with 32% of the straw poll vote, followed by... Ron Paul with 21% and... Newt Gingrich with 8%." - CNN
  • "Just more than 2,100 people voted in the straw poll portion of the caucuses, which has no direct bearing on how the state’s 29 delegates will be awarded. (The same was the case in other caucus states like Iowa, Colorado and Minnesota, it should be noted.) But a win is a win for Romney, who has now won seven of 12 states to hold contests thus far this year, including victories in the Arizona and Michigan primaries on Tuesday." - Washington Post

Rick Santorum says Michigan loss was a "huge win" for his campaign

Romney Santorum"Michigan "was a huge win for us," Santorum told reporters after speaking to a crowd of about 1,000 at Temple Baptist Church here, many of them conservatively dressed students from nearby Crown College. "Don't give Romney all the spin. We went into his backyard, he spent a fortune ... and we came out of there with the same number of delegates he does. We are in great shape."" - LA Times

Romney gaffes on birth control question

"Mitt Romney created a new tempest when he told an Ohio news station that he was opposed to a Senate amendment, favored by conservatives and under debate in Congress on Wednesday, that would allow employers and insurers to limit coverage of contraceptives if they have religious or moral objections.  “I’m not for the bill,” Mr. Romney said, but then added, “the idea of presidential candidates getting into questions about contraception within a relationship between a man and a women, husband and wife, I’m not going there.”" - New York Times

  • Debunking false claims about the Blunt-Nelson Conscience Bill - Weekly Standard

Presidential candidates are making Syria a dividing line with Obama Politico

Lack of funds and organization mean the Santorum camp is hoping Gingrich pulls out


"Top adviser John Brabender says Santorum's future may depend upon Gingrich leaving the race. The former House speaker is showing no signs of bowing out, certainly not before next week's Super Tuesday voting. "If we could ever make this where we have all the conservatives and tea party supporters behind us as one candidate against Mitt Romney, we'll win the nomination," Brabender said Wednesday" - AP

  • Santorum raises $9 million in February - Kansas City Star
  • The Santorum camp is also aiming to attract more women: "Mitt Romney outperformed Santorum by large margins among women... Although Santorum sought to spin the Michigan results as a tie, it is clear that the contest revealed a significant challenge for him." - Washington Post

Newt Gingrich hopes to use home win in Georgia's Super Tuesday primary to re-launch campaign

Gingrich Ad Image"Newt Gingrich said Wednesday that a victory in Georgia's primary is a "key building block" his campaign must have to move forward, making clear his home state's crucial role in his White House bid. Gingrich predicted during an appearance at the Georgia Statehouse that he will win the state's contest." - AP

  • "With his presidential aspirations riding on support in the Deep South, Newt Gingrich opened his final one-week dash to the crucial Georgia primary on Wednesday with a states' rights appeal laden with racial symbolism." - LA Times

A look ahead to Ohio

Screen shot 2011-08-19 at 11.00.35"Ohio has the largest delegate haul next week, and it also consists of the kind of blue-collar, Rust Belt voters that Republicans need to draw to win in November. So far, Santorum has a lead in the RCP poll average of about eight points, but that may change with the loss in Michigan among the same kind of voters.  Santorum cannot afford another loss in the Rust Belt... Santorum will get a significant number of delegates from second-place finishes again, but without a couple of big wins, Romney will keep adding to his delegate lead and making the case for donors to get on the bandwagon now." - Hot Air

  • "Public and private polling suggests the race here is a competitive fight between Romney and Rick Santorum. Quinnipiac University gave Santorum a 7-point lead over Romney earlier this week. Private polling conducted for Republicans outside the presidential race, and shared with POLITICO, showed Santorum up by 5 percentage points." - Politico

Karl Rove: Santorum's race will be over if he fails to win in Ohio

Rove"Mr. Santorum is focused on Ohio, Tuesday's key battleground with 66 delegates. Mr. Romney can afford a narrow loss there as long as he wins a solid plurality of all the Super Tuesday delegates. Mr. Santorum's candidacy will realistically be at an end if he loses the Buckeye State, though he could linger for weeks. Even a win leaves him on life support unless he can also best Mr. Romney in Tuesday's Southern contests, coming in first or second with Mr. Romney trailing in second or third place." - Karl Rove for the WSJ ($)

Thanks to Gingrich and Santorum failing to qualify for the Virginia ballot, Romney has a big delegate lead going into Super Tuesday

"Because only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are on the Virginia ballot, Romney — who we expect to sweep the Old Dominion — starts off with a big lead on Super Tuesday courtesy of Virginia. That built-in advantage will make it exceedingly difficult for Santorum to finish the day with more delegates than Romney. In fact, we expect Romney to win more delegates on Super Tuesday than Rick Santorum, probably many more." - Larry Sabato, who has much more, including state-by-state analysis

GOP enthusiasm still outweights Dems'

Gallup map"By 53% to 45%, Republicans, including independents who lean Republican, are slightly more likely than Democrats and Democratic leaners to say they are "more enthusiastic than usual about voting" this year. Republicans have consistently led Democrats in voting enthusiasm since last fall, but to varying degrees." - Gallup Polls

  • What’s up with Newt Gingrich? Gallup’s daily tracking poll, for one thing - Hot Air

Further analysis of the likely GOP loss in Maine following Senator Snowe's retirement

  • "National Republican Senatorial Committee staffers were on a plane Wednesday morning to find a candidate with the profile to hold the seat... This race has now vaulted to the top of both parties’ priority lists. After all, a takeaway here could preserve a Democratic Senate." - Politico
  • "Conceived as a two-candidate race, however, Democrats are heavily favored in Maine, perhaps having an 80 percent chance of picking up the seat in a head-to-head race against one of the Republicans." - Nate Silver

In reversal, ex-Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey to seek former seat - LA Times

On energy, Obama avoiding ghost of Jimmy Carter - Politico

Obama and Congressional leaders meet for lunch 

Screen shot 2011-07-23 at 6.36.18 PM
"Obama's campaign has signaled its intent to run against a do-nothing Congress, while Republicans want to portray the president as executing an agenda that is out of step with ordinary Americans. Hardly a recipe for bipartisanship. Still, House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) emerged "encouraged" about the president's interest in the Jobs Act – a newly unveiled package of bills that has drawn bipartisan support in both chambers."- LA Times

  • Obama to demand Capitol Hill vote on killing oil tax breaks - The Hill

Obama on Afghanistan: My apology for the Koran-burning calmed things down - Hot Air

Report: Stimulus-backed solar company lays off 70 percent of workforce - Hot air



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