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Newslinks for Monday March 5: Romney builds biggest ever lead in GOP nomination race

Posted on 03/05/2012

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Romney at highest level of support in Real Clear Politics moving average

  • Romney wins BIG in Washington Causcuses - Weekly Standard
  • Ron Paul edged out Rick Santorum for second place with both men earning five delegates apiece - American Spectator | HotAir
  • Romney Could Win Majority of Super Tuesday Delegates - Nate Silver
  • BUT Ohio is dead heat between Romney and Santorum - USA Today

Cantor EricHouse Majority Leader Eric Cantor endorsed Mitt Romney on "Meet the Press" - Politico | USA Today

"This year, nothing trumps the economy. Nothing else is even close." - Senator Tom Coburn endorses Romney, via NRO

The New York Times reports that John Ashcroft is also endorsing Romney.

Mitt Romney may be the one of the most decent people to ever run for the White House

"We first heard about it in the 2008 campaign: how Romney saved the teenaged daughter of a Bain Capital colleague in 1996. Here’s what Mitt did when he learned the girl had gone missing after sneaking from her home in Connecticut to a party in New York City: he shut down the whole office and flew the staff from Boston to New York; he had fliers printed up and got employees at Duane Reade (in which Bain invested) to stuff one into every customer’s bag; he set up a phone hotline; he personally, along with his Bain people and their New York accountants and lawyers, pounded the city’s pavements looking for the girl and asking teenagers if they’d seen her. After a few days of all this – and the publicity it generated – they traced the hotline call of someone asking for a reward and found the girl, who had overdosed on Ecstasy, in the basement of a New Jersey home." - Commentary

A new poll puts former House Speaker Newt Gingrich ahead by double digits in Georgia, the biggest state to vote on Super Tuesday and the linchpin of Mr. Gingrich’s southern strategy - WSJ

Paul Ron"Ron Paul on Sunday dismissed Rick Santorum’s suggestion that he's staying in the Republican presidential race to help rival Mitt Romney. “It sounds like he’s trying to concoct a conspiracy,” Paul said on CBS’s "Face the Nation."" - Politico

  • Paul steadily building a big role for himself at GOP Convention - Daily Beast

"Four in 10 of all adults say the GOP nominating process has given them a less favorable impression of the Republican Party, versus just slightly more than one in 10 with a more favorable opinion." - MSNBC

In GOP circles, some wonder whether the party needs to lose big to eventually win - Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post

"When a political party begins to fail competitively, as the G.O.P. is clearly doing now, it, too, simply rebrands itself. Recall that in 2008, the G.O.P. was assumed by pundits to be dead for a generation because of the profound, historic unpopularity of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. But the G.O.P. simply re-invented itself with a new brand identity (the Tea Party) and swamped the Democrats a mere two years later. If the G.O.P. is weighed down by obsolete or unpopular associations — anti-immigrant or anti-gay animosity — it will simply jettison those planks or change their image, just as Democrats did under Bill "New Democrat" Clinton to escape the stigma of Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis." - Glenn Greenwald for the New York Times

"It turns out that "budget sequestration," portrayed as an evenhanded way to spur bipartisan negotiations over budget deficits, is actually a dagger aimed at defense spending." - Robert Samuelson at RCP

"Rush Limbaugh apologized Saturday to Georgetown law student and activist Sandra Fluke after calling her a "slut" on air, a day after President Barack Obama entered the fray. In his apology, Limbaugh said he did not believe "it is a topic that should reach a presidential level."" - Politico

Gingrich says Limbaugh was 'right' to apologize but also slams media - USA Today

What would President Obama do in a second term? The left has its hopes, and the right has its fears. But both are fundamentally guessing - Washington Post

Romney warns America on Iran: ""If Barack Obama is reelected, Iran will have a nuclear weapon and the world will change," Romney told a crowd of more than a 1,000 people at a pancake breakfast that his campaign hosted in this Altanta suburb." - LA Times

...But has Obama u-turned on Israel/ Iran?

"As White House U-turns go, President Obama's hawkish rhetorical shift on Iran in the last week has been remarkable. The question now is whether Israel, and especially Iran, will believe that he means it after three years of trying to woo the mullahs to the bargaining table with diplomacy." - WSJ editorial

PowerLine is VERY sceptical that Obama's position has changed.

  • Obama at AIPAC: Determined . . . to Win Their Votes - Weekly Standard
  • Obama Talks Tough -- But Stays Unspecific - American Spectator
  • Obama Plays Hawk-in-Chief on Iran - National Journal
  • Obama calls for containing Iran, says 'too much loose talk of war' - Fox
  • Obama says he has ‘Israel’s back,’ urges patience to let Iran sanctions work - The Hill
  • Republicans angling to recapture the Senate and White House have focused on jobs and the economy. But with an uptick in violence in Afghanistan and uncertainty in the Middle East, foreign policy could be thrust back into the national debate - Roll Call

BrooksDavid Brooks revels in Obama’s intelligence, sophistication - Daily Caller

Third poll shows Brown with 8-10% lead over Warren in Mass - Hotline

California slipping towards bankruptcy... AGAIN - Washington Examiner

Michael Barone: "Few social scientists, and even fewer political scientists, have done as much to improve American life as James Q. Wilson, who died last week at age 80"

"Wilson was a conventional liberal Democrat then, but one with increasing doubts that politics and government could achieve the extravagant goals that politicians and reformers were promising...

Wilson’s most consequential work was his study of crime. Early on, he applied market economics to the subject — if crime pays, you will get more of it — and his 1982 “Broken Windows” article, co-authored with George Kelling, argued that tolerating slight infractions results in more and more serious crime...

His 1993 book The Moral Sense argued that people have an inherent urge toward moral behavior..." - Michael Barone at NRO



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