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Newslinks for Monday Feb 27: Romney regains lead over Santorum

Posted on 02/27/2012

After being 10% behind in Gallup tracker survey, Romney is now 2% ahead

Romney 470

"Gallup's survey finds Romney garnering 50 percent support in a hypothetical matchup with Obama to the president's 46 percent. Romney's support is up two percent from the organization's last survey of a hypothetical general election between the president and the former Massachusetts governor. Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator, draws 48 percent in a hypothetical matchup of himself against Obama, compared to the president's 49 percent." - The Hill

  • "Less than a third (32 percent) of GOP voters see Santorum as the strongest challenger to Obama; a big majority (58 percent) agrees that Mitt has the best shot" - Michael Medved for the Daily Beast

Santorum 32.9%, Romey 29.0%, Gingrich 14.4%, Paul 12.4% - RCP national average

Some more good news for Romney...

  • Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer endorses Mitt Romney - Weekly Standard | Washington Post
  • "If Rick Santorum wins in Michigan on Tuesday but loses Arizona, he may get the better spin out of the evening while winding up with fewer delegates. That is because Arizona is a winner-take-all state whereas Michigan is not." - Nate Silver
  • "Santorum’s surprising surge appears to have ground to halt in the last week. A renewed focus on his extremely conservative views on social issues combined with an all-out attack on his congressional record by Romney’s well-oiled campaign machine has damaged the Pennsylvanian." - Commentary
  • Only two of the four Republicans still standing, Mitt Romney and Rep. Ron Paul (Texas), have assembled national campaigns capable of pivoting to the general election - Roll Call

Rick Santorum: We need bold tax reform, but Mitt Romney wants to tinker at the margins

Santorum largeIn the Wall Street Journal Senator Santorum lists a ten point economic agenda, including: "I'll submit to Congress comprehensive tax policies to strengthen opportunity in our country, with only two income tax rates of 10% and 28%. To help families, I'll triple the personal deduction for children and eliminate the marriage tax penalty."

Romney defends the progressive tax code - Fox

  • "In back-to-back speeches over the weekend, [Santorum] described President Obama as “a snob” for focusing on the importance of a college education and disparaged the idea of a separation between church and state by attacking President John F. Kennedy, who made it a key point in his 1960 campaign" - Washington Post
  • "Rick Santorum on Sunday reached out to voters who do not want a college degree, saying that pushing Americans toward higher education “devalues the tremendous work” of people who are not interested in going to college" - WSJ

Rick Santorum says the notion of religion not playing role in politics “makes me want to throw up" - Politico

The NRO Editors warn Santorum to exercise more "discrimination and tact" in how he expresses himself.

  • Santorum makes case for religion in public sphere - New York Times
  • Republican Governors want presidential candidate to focus on economy, not social issues - Politico

Romney, Santorum Represent Different White Americas - Michael Barone for RCP

  • Santorum: Romneycare ‘In Some Respects’ Worse than Obamacare - NRO
  • Santorum: Romney uses teleprompters, I don't - CBS

Ron Paul is denying reports that he is teaming up with opponent Mitt Romney to defeat Romney's chief rival, Rick Santorum, in Tuesday's primary - Washington Examiner

Gingrich May 2011Gingrich says he is staking the future of his presidential campaign on a win in his home state, Georgia - MSNBC

  • Gingrich focuses on rising gas prices in bid to refuel campaign - WSJ
  • Obama prepares to fight gas prices with new bumper sticker - HotAir

Obama is in a stronger position but economy and early end to GOP race could still defeat him - E J Dionne in the Washington Post

  • Romney having to use funds he'd intended for general election - New York Times
  • Labor unions no longer upping funding to Democrats - WSJ

Why Apologize to Afghanistan? The reaction to an accidental Koran-burning was inexcusable - Andrew McCarthy for NRO

"The facts surrounding the incident are somewhat murky; apparently a number of books were being used by Taliban prisoners to smuggle messages, and 60 or 70 books were confiscated and destroyed, some of which turned out to be Korans. The Korans’ burning is generally described as “accidental.” I assume that means, not that the destruction was unintended, but that the troops who carried it out did not realize that some of the volumes were Korans–not surprising, since they were not in English. What we do know for sure is that the response of many Afghans was outrageous. Dozens of people have been killed or wounded, including a number of American servicemen." - PowerLine

US Ambassador to Iraq has only been able to meet with Maliki twice since troops pullout, despite repeated attempts - Politico

  • The Weekly Standard says Obama is not living up to his own words and is betraying Syria.

Many Oscar nominees are big donors to Democrats - USA Today

And finally... Should Ann Romney be the candidate? - The Washington Post looks at a long list of wives who might have often made the superior candidates.



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