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Newslinks for Friday Feb 17: The truth about Obama's stimulus

Posted on 02/17/2012

VIDEO: Campaign video defending Scott Walker against recall

VIDEO: New Santorum ad bills him as "Proven Conservative"

The truth about Obama's stimulus and unemployment

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"I have written many times that inefficient spending cannot create jobs. Rather, wasteful spending destroys wealth and thereby destroys jobs, too. That thesis is amply borne out by the experience of recent years." - PowerLine

  • Unemployment has been higher for longer under Obama than since the Great Depression - Pete Wehner

Rick Synder, Governor of Michigan, endorses Romney

Synder"Our country has never elected a president born and raised in Michigan. Mitt Romney was born in Detroit. His father served with distinction as governor. Before that, he was president of American Motors. Mitt grew up with the prospects of the auto industry and of Michigan discussed around the dinner table. He has deep ties to our state. Mitt understands the challenges confronting Michigan as few Americans do." - Synder in the Detroit News

  • Rick Santorum challenges Michigan to be 'game-changer' - LA Times
  • Santo's uncompromisingly conservative platform has finally been rewarded in the polls and the voting, but the arithmetic still favors Mitt Romney - Doyle Mcmanus in the LA Times
  • The more Romney explains his opposition to auto-bailouts the more he confuses - National Journal
  • Romney isn’t sinking because of the flip-flops. He’s sinking because of his robotic reasonableness. Michael Tomasky on how Mitt became the Al Gore of the GOP - Daily Beast

Elections expert Larry Sabato calls the Feb. 28 Michigan Republican primary a "must-win" for Mitt Romney - WSJ

Don't lurch right; Don't unveil a new Mitt, Don't stop attacking - Michael Crowley's advice for Romney in TIME

Santorum could beat Gingrich in his home state of Georgia - RCP

Gerson: Santorum is Romney's most serious challenger

Gerson"Santorum combines a deeply held social conservatism with an authentic blue-collar appeal. Romney has trouble competing in either category. While Santorum is very conservative, he avoids being a conservative caricature. He was one of the Senate’s main advocates of global health programs and a champion of faith-based anti-poverty efforts." - Mike Gerson in the Washington Post

The 18% question: Why did Santorum lose his Senate seat by 18%?

"The reasons for Santorum's defeat are too complicated for a 30-second ad or a brief answer at a debate. He can blame a lot of factors, but in the end he was most responsible for his own fate. Now, if Santorum's presidential campaign continues to soar, he'll likely have to discuss the '06 defeat more. The Romney campaign will point to it as proof that Santorum can't win the White House. Santorum's job is to tell voters -- and prove to them with his actions -- that he has learned from his loss, and that he's a better candidate for it." - Byron York for the Washington Examiner

The uncharitable Santorum?

"The Santorums actually gave less than two percent of their income to charity, a smaller percentage than the average for people in their income group though not extremely so. The average is slightly more than three percent." - NPR

"Rick Santorum, whose humble coal-country biography is central to his political message, made more than $3.6 million in recent years as a Washington consultant" - Washington Post

Could Ron Paul come to Romney's rescue?

Paul Ron"In a Republican presidential contest known for its angry rivalries, the Romney-Paul relationship stands out for its behind-the-scenes civility. It is a friendship that, by Mr. Paul’s telling, Mr. Romney has worked to cultivate." - New York Times

  • Is Romney giving Trump the cold shoulder? - Daily Caller
  • Huntsman disagrees with Romney's statements on China - MSNBC
  • The Mormon card is now being played against Mitt Romney - Toby Harnden

Republicans in Washington need to stop acting like Democrats, says … Mitt Romney - HotAir

"The small fraction of Americans who are trying to pick the Republican nominee are old, white, uniformly Christian and unrepresentative of the nation at large" - Timothy Egan at the New York Times

Perry plans new PAC with unused campaign money - USA Today

Payroll-Tax Cut Pact a Rare Sign of Bipartisanship - WSJ

Boehner Smiling"While House GOP leaders are reluctantly backing the agreement, most Senate Republicans are expected to vote against it. This will be the first time that Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and his lieutenants will be voting differently than their Senate counterparts on a high-profile issue in the 112th Congress." - The Hill

  • Senate Republicans out in the cold - Roll Call

Jennifer Rubin's verdict on the deal: "After folding at the end of last year, Republicans plainly don’t have the votes or the nerve to hold up a deal. On one hand, it does damage to the president’s argument that the Republicans are obstructionists. That said, fiscal hawks are not going to be pleased. Once again, the president and Congress simply kicked the can down the road."

Hispanic delegation in Congress set to grow to over 30, from 25 - Politico

"In some good news for Republicans in a marquee Senate race, a new poll shows GOP Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts enjoying a wide lead over his premier Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren. A poll by Suffolk University/7NEWS released Thursday night found Mr. Brown leading Ms. Warren, 49% to 40%." - WSJ

GOP says "drill. drill, drill" is answer to higher gas prices - Politico

ChristieThe New Jersey Assembly on Thursday passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriages, setting the stage for an anticipated veto by Gov. Chris Christie - NPR

  • Five reasons to oppose gay marriage - John Hawkins for

Obama approval drops to 43% in latest Gallup poll - Fox

Rep. Dennis Kucinich faces tough redistricting battle against Democratic primary challengers - Roll Call

And finally... "They call him 'Honest Abe.' But he's just another Springfield insider."

Peggy Noonan draws up an attack ad against Abraham Lincoln - WSJ



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