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Newslinks for Tuesday Jan 3: Today's GOP news

Posted on 01/03/2012

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Fox-news-logoSURVEY: Fox News more popular than any Republican politician; Rubio and Christie more favored than any presidential candidate

VIDEO: Ron Paul says he has no plans to run as independent candidate (but won't rule it out)

VIDEO: Huntsman video attacks twilight zone views of Ron Paul

VIDEO: Sarah Palin reacts to speculation she could be a running mate to Newt Gingrich


Santorum 470

RCP polling average:

  1. Romney 22.8%
  2. Paul 21.5%
  3. Santorum: 16.3%
  4. Gingrich 13.7%
  5. Perry: 11.5%
  6. Bachmann 6.8%
  7. Huntsman 2.3%

"Americans are looking for someone who's been more consistent [than Romney]" said Rick Santorum - WSJ

  • Bill Kristol at the Weekly Standard thinks Santorum may well win.
  • Santorum is "Red Hot" in Iowa - TIME
  • Is Santorum's surge for real? "YES" says former Pa Congressman Philip English
  • BUT Red State reports: "On CNN last night, Mary Matalin noted that a number of people unconnected to campaigns say the [Santorum] surge is stalled out."
  • Rick Santorum is getting a boost today from the Duggars, the family featured on the TLC reality show, 19 Kids and Counting - USA Today | Daily Caller
  • Santorum touts blue-collar upbringing to Iowa GOP voters - The Hill
  • Rick Santorum is a working class Republican - David Brooks in the New York Times
  • "Rick Santorum grew teary-eyed Monday when a voter asked him to respond to criticism of the way he and his family honored the life of their son Gabriel, who died shortly after birth." - Washington Examiner

Meanwhile the attacks on Santorum grow

  • "In a new online ad, Perry targeted Santorum's record of pursuing earmarks as a member of the U.S. Senate. The online ad called Santorum "a porker's best friend" and ended with one word: "Unelectable."" - Fox
  • "On Monday [Santorum] claimed that he is the only candidate who “has proof that, with a conservative record, they were able to attract independents and Democrats.” And that is why Pennsylvania voters unceremoniously tossed him from office in 2006 by a nearly 18-point margin?" - Dana Milbank for the Washington Post
  • Is Santorum a Big Government Conservative? - Yes, says Jonathan Rauch

Ron Paul plays to packed house as supporters await victory - LA Times

Paul RloveUtion

  • "Rand Paul predicted before a rally of hundreds of energetic Ron Paul fans on Monday that his dad will be victorious in the caucuses here" - Daily Caller
  • Rand Paul tells HotAir the Tea Party Movement should NOT split from Republican Party.

An increasingly confident Mitt Romney predicts Iowa victory - WSJ | LA Times

Kimberley A Strassel: Romney is Mr Good Enough

Romney speaking"So while Mr. Romney may not excite them, while he may not be ideal, in light of the other candidate's problems, and given the election stakes, voters are buying his argument that he is, well . . . good enough. Which is why, barring a surprise, or a late entrant, Mr. Good Enough—through good fortune, dogged determination, and the skillful elimination of his rivals—may end up grabbing the conservative ring in this all-important election year." - Kimberley Strassel for the WSJ

  • "Romney’s upper hand in the race clearly will be made even stronger if he wins Iowa, but in a campaign cycle that has time and again shattered expectations, he will have to fight to win over rank-and-file Republicans in subsequent states, many of whom remain skeptical of him." - Scott Conroy for RCP

Romney seen as closer to center of American political gravity than Obama

"If Democrats saw Obama’s 2008 victory as a chance to build a progressive majority, they have so far failed to capitalize. Gallup recently asked Americans to rate their ideology on a liberal-to-conservative scale of 1 to 5. The average result was a right-of-center 3.3. More alarming for Obama, voters scored him at 2.3, to the left of center — and put Mitt Romney at 3.5." - Charles lane for the Washington Post

Gingrich Ad ImageNewt Gingrich hasn’t given up just yet; he has made clear he’s prepping for a serious counter-attack - Washington Post

  • Gingrich's new strategy: Attack President Barack Obama in front of voters and attack Mitt Romney in front of reporters - WSJ
  • Once-sunny Gingrich says Romney 'Will Lie To You' - NPR
  • Gingrich peaked on November 27 and then "fell back to his familiar habits, a routine marked by too much self-assurance and not enough discipline" - Politico

Romney’s Mormonism still a sticking point with evangelicals - Washington Post

Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas expresses his doubts about current contenders for Fox "One is a Mormon candidate who has been all over the map in his beliefs about abortion and same-sex marriage. Another is a Southern Baptist-turned-Catholic with three wives, two divorces, and numerous accusations of immorality who has been equally inconsistent when it comes to key issues. And then there’s the Baptist obstetrician with weird ties to neo-Nazis and anti-Semites, not to mention a foreign policy approach which blames the United States for the 9/11 terror attacks. Is this really the best we can do?"

The candidates are fighting expectations as well as each other - Nate Silver looks at what each candidate must achieve

A day before caucus, Michele Bachmann soldiers on through the cold - LA Times

Perry making a pointPerry hopes organizational muscle can save his face in Iowa - MSNBC

Rep. Steve King announces he won't endorse a candidate in the Iowa caucuses - Roll Call

Iowans say they have never seen anything like the constant negativity of this campaign's TV ads in decades of witnessing the quadrennial combat of the state presidential caucuses - New York Times editorial

Chuck Norris suggests ten questions every Republican should ask the primary candidates - TownHall

Obama came to office promising to unite America; he seeks re-election with a plan to polarize - Fred Barnes at the Weekly Standard

The case for a military strike on Iran

"Even realists who criticize a pro-democracy agenda should support the prevention of Iranian hegemony in the Middle East. Iran seeks to export its fundamentalist revolution, with its brutal suppression of individual rights and free markets, throughout the region. It stokes the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Its president hopes to wipe Israel from the map. It undermines reconstruction and reconciliation in Iraq. It supports terrorists throughout the world. It threatens to close off the Straits of Hormuz, through which travels 17 percent of the oil traded worldwide. It has attacked shipping in the Persian Gulf. A nuclear Iran could expand its asymmetric warfare against its neighbors, or even escalate into conventional warfare, with little fear of direct retaliation." - John Yoo at NRO

Six nonpartisan principles that should guide federal tax reform efforts - Leslie B Samuels for the LA Times



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